Amy Klobuchar Is Being Described As A Horrible Boss By Former Employees -- Is This A Plus Against Donald Trump?

Amy Klobuchar is facing a lot of criticism when it comes to her management style. She is being described as a horrible boss who treats employers in poor way.

source: The Minnesota Daily

Amy Klobuchar, a Democratic candidate for the next presidential election, is portrayed as a horrible employer in gossip reportedly shared by some of her former employees. 

According to the ex-staff members' claim, the politician was really hard to work with. 

Klobuchar’s tendency to sabotage the potential employment of people who tried to resign and change workplaces was pointed out as an example of Klobuchar’s unprofessional behavior.

This is not the first time similar allegations have been brought up against the senator -- just recently, her name was in the media because of her scandalous behavior towards members of her staff.

Klobuchar was accused of throwing things in the air and overreacting when faced with small issues. 

The senator would also reportedly spend too much time discussing unimportant faults that would lead to alerting the workers late during the evening. Threatening e-mails were allegedly sent out as well.

The Democrat announced her decision to be a candidate in 2020 last Sunday. 

However, she is also one of the Congress members with the highest count of resigned employees, and a lot of her former staffers described her as unfit for the role of the president, just like President Donald Trump. 

The senator did not stay neutral regarding the allegations as she covered the subject in an interview with Rachel Maddow for MSNBC. 

The politician gave counterexamples by listing some of her longtime employees, such as her chief of staff from five years, state director of seven years and campaign director for twelve years.

Klobuchar has also explained in the past that she could seem to be a tough boss, but that was only because of her high expectations.

She stated: "I don't know, it's all anonymous. I will say that I'm proud of our staff. And yes, I can be a tough boss, and push people -- that's obvious. But that's because I have high expectations of myself, I have high expectations of those who work for me, and I have a high expectation for our country. My chief of staff has worked for me for six years, my state director for seven years, my campaign manager for 14 years."

The politician from Minnesota is seen as a strong general election candidate, but her chances in the Democratic primary are less high.