An 18-year-old pilot will become the youngest astronaut in history.


Oliver Daemen will be joined by Amazon founder, his brother, Mark, and veteran aviator Willie Funk, who boarded the first flight of Blue Origin's New Shepherd spacecraft.

An 18-year-old will become the youngest astronaut in history on Tuesday as he travels into space with billionaire Jeff Bezos on the first flight of the Blue Origin spacecraft, the aerospace company announced Thursday.

Oliver Damien is the first passenger to pay for a Blue Origin ticket outside of high school and with a private pilot's license in 2020. However, he is not going to win an auction for a seat on the board. The latter, who secured a place in the $28 million, has requested anonymity and will travel on a future mission.

"This marks the beginning of the New Shepherd's business, and Oliver represents a new generation of people who will help us make our way into space," said Bob Smith, the company's CEO.

According to a statement, the New Shepherd will allow the Demon to fulfill the dream of life, which was attracted to space, the moon and rockets from the age of four.

The young man plans to study physics and innovation management at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands in September. The company did not specify Oliver Damien's nationality, but his public Instagram account contained mostly comments written in Dutch.

A milestone

Daemen, along with Bezos, his brother, Mark, and the experienced pilot Funk, will join the first human flight of the New Shepherd spacecraft. At 18 and 82, Demon and Funk will be the youngest and oldest astronauts to travel in space.

Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the world's richest man, hopes to join the billionaire's club with Richard Branson, who has arrived in space on a ship built by his own company.

Branson boarded the Virgin Galactic spacecraft on Sunday, a major milestone still emerging in the space tourism industry.

Although Bezos will come in second, Blue Origin is proud that its travel experience is better than the Virgin Galactic because, unlike its rival, the New Shepard, at an altitude of 100 km, is the internationally recognized border of space. Crosses

Blue Origin also claims that its rocket is more environmentally friendly.

The company's ambitions in space tourism do not stop there. It now hopes to become a major subcontractor for NASA missions.

Elon Musk's SpaceX firm is a key private sector partner for the US space agency, including bringing several astronauts to the International Space Station by 2020.

SpaceX is also developing remote space exploration rockets for future human missions.