An attacker ran over two guards in front of the Capitol in Washington and was later killed by police.


The property was fenced off, and activities in Congress were suspended after the incident. Also, a helicopter was seen flying overhead, and observers were ordered to leave the area.

The United States Capitol is under temporary emergency closure due to a "foreign security threat," police said Friday, without offering further details.

"Due to an external security threat. Not all US Capitol buildings are allowed in or out at this time. You can move inside buildings but stay away from windows and doors," said the police message to the congressmen's offices.

A car rammed a barricade in front of the Capitol, injuring two Capitol Police officers and causing the driver to be shot, which later killed him. Two law enforcement officials told The Associated Press.

A suspect is in custody. the United States Capitol Police Department had said earlier on Twitter., Both officers are wounded. All three have been taken to hospital.

At least one of the two officers was in serious condition. At the same time, the driver died in the hospital as a result of the shots received. According to police sources consulted by AP, the driver also carried a knife.

Dozens of police cars, marked and unmarked, headed toward the Capitol building. Police officers or police officers blocked all roads leading to the complex.

A helicopter was seen flying overhead, and observers were ordered to leave the area. Videos of the scene showed two people on stretchers laden with ambulances.

Capitol Police reported the accident occurred at a checkpoint near the Capitol.

Just in recent weeks, authorities had begun removing the outer ring of tall barbed wire fences erected around the sprawling Capitol complex following the Jan.6 attack by thousands of supporters of then-President Donald Trump.

Since then, the authorities have erected a barrier and closed a wide perimeter around the United States Congress.

The authorities have not yet released any information on the identity of the driver of the vehicle.

Congressman Peter Meijer called on Twitter to "pray" for the Capitol police officers and emergency personnel at the scene.

The congressman said We are investigating to know the emerging situation on Capitol Hill right now".