An easy way to burn fat and 7 Recommended Aerobic Exercises To Burn Fat

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For those who want to know the recommended exercise to burn fat. On this occasion, we recommend aerobic exercise, which is effective in burning visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. It also explains how to eat to reduce body fat. Exercise and diet are important for weight loss. Watch it to promote your diet efficiently.

 | What is an effective workout to reduce body fat?

To reduce body fat, it is a good idea to do some simple aerobic exercise that you can work on effectively in your spare time. However, many people give up because they don't know what aerobic exercise to do to help burn fat.

From here, I will introduce effective aerobic exercises that can get you close to burning fat in no time.

There are many things that even beginners and simple training can efficiently burn fat, so do the best you can in your spare time at home.

Recommended aerobic exercise to burn fat 1. Go up and down

Going up and down stairs is training for going up and down stairs. This aerobic exercise can be done immediately with steps and can be easily performed indoors, such as at home.

To move the platform up and down, straighten your back and go up one step in the order of your right foot → left foot, then go down in the same order. While shifting from left to right, repeat the same operation for 5 minutes x several sets.

Once you get used to it, you can spend more time or listen to music and enjoy working indoors. Please go by all means.

Recommended aerobic exercise to burn fat 2. Exercise step by step

Step exercise is an exercise that uses a special exercise device that repeats the exercises step by step.

Some appliances are designed to be quiet, so even people who live in condos can work without hesitation. You will have to buy special equipment, but the products cost around a few thousand yen, so you can work out cheaper than going to the gym.

You can burn fat by moving your lower body while watching TV or reading a book. This exercise is recommended for those who want to efficiently train the lower body, such as the legs and hips, at home.

Recommended aerobic exercise to burn fat 3. Exercise bike

The stationary bike is an indoor bike exercise. It's an aerobic exercise that even people who can't ride a bike can do because they don't have to keep their balance.

You can work while watching TV or reading a book, and even people who are not used to exercising can easily work for a long time.

To do this, you need special equipment, and even if you don't have the equipment at home, you can still use it if you go to the gym. Of course, you can also work from home if you buy the equipment.

Because it is an aerobic exercise that moves the lower body evenly, it is effective in burning body fat from the entire body, such as the legs and abdomen. Especially if you are concerned about having a lot of subcutaneous fat, give it a try.

Recommended aerobic exercise to burn fat 4. Slimming dance

The clap dance, which has become a hot topic on SNS, is an aerobic exercise that is said to lose 10 kg in two weeks. Regardless, you can achieve effective fat burning if you do it right while moving your body as much as you like.

Stretching is included in exercises that can be performed with simple movements while moving the legs and hands, and by repeating this, it is an exercise that promotes fat burning. It is much easier because it is an exercise without a device.

Recommended for those who want to have an easy and fun diet at home.

Recommended aerobic exercise to burn fat 5. Burpee jump

It is an aerobic exercise that trains the core through the alternative use of vertical jumps and planks, and since it can be done without the use of tools, it can be easily done at home, such as in an apartment.

Repeat for 30 seconds to 1 minute with a break of about 10 seconds. In condos and condos where landing noise is a concern, it is important to take measures such as pulling the carpet.

Although the load is high, it is a very effective aerobic exercise for burning fat, so give it a try.

Recommended aerobic exercise to burn fat 6. Squat circuit

If you want to burn fat efficiently, combine strength training with aerobic exercise. The "circuit e squats "is a squatting exercise, and you can do aerobic exercise at home while strengthening your lower body muscles.

The combination of several types of squats is effective for balanced weight loss as you continue.

There are some precautions, like keeping your knees away from your toes, but you can easily do this at home without using tools. First, stay home for a week.