An inmate in a wheelchair disarmed an officer and was shot.


An inmate in a wheelchair disarmed an officer and was shot.

The moment of tension occurred after an inmate took advantage of a distraction to steal a gun from a policeman, who seconds later received support from one of his companions.

On October 26, there was a moment of nervousness in a Correctional Center in Illinois, United States, where a police officer was subdued by an inmate in a wheelchair who tried to steal his weapon during a moment of neglect of the guards.

The 55-year-old assailant, Frederick Goss, was charged with armed robbery and firing with a firearm. He was awaiting trial on November 30.

Goss, meanwhile, was recovering in a hospital under police surveillance. He had been arrested on June 2 in a confrontation with the Vernon police, where he was injured by an exchange of gunfire and a chase, where they were not damaged by gravity.

It was precise during a transfer to the Jefferson County Courthouse in Mt. Vernon that Frederick took advantage of the fact that he was betrothed to attack the assigned officer.

After helping him out of the car and bringing the wheelchair closer to him, the security element was in charge of accommodating his feet, so every time he bent down to maneuver his leg, Goss took his weapon and began to struggle to stay with it.

Despite the fact that the inmate was knocked down, he continued with the dispute over the pistol once on the ground until he finally managed to get hold of it at the officer's expense.

According to the New York Post, after having the weapon in his hands, a shot went off in the direction of one of the walls, so it had no repercussions. Still, it served to alert the rest of the security elements until one of the guards, Through security cameras, he came to the rescue.

When Goss tried to stand up, his limbs failed. He could not stay upright, allowing enough time for a backup member to arrive, who quickly retracted after observing the inmate in possession of the weapon.

After Frederick fell back to the ground after problems with his legs, the support element shot him, and the pistol flew through the air. Until then, the situation was under the control of Vernon police, who called for help and an ambulance for the injured prisoner.

The inmate was transferred to a hospital in Saint Louis, near the area, where he was treated and sheltered again; At the same time, the agent who was shot down received medical attention to solve minor injuries.

The Illinois State Police published the shocking video of the attack attempted by Frederick Goss. He is now in a new investigation process for the incident.

To this event is added his open trial at the Jefferson County Prosecutor's Office, where he already had an appointment to go to court and receive the resolution of his case. This process is still open, although you could receive notification of your new criminal act in the next few days.

Meanwhile, he will be kept under observation inside the St. Louis hospital. He will have to recover again before being transferred to a prison in a preventive manner and continue with the legal processes against him, which must now include an attack on security elements.