An international 'red notice' warrant has been issued for a MIT student accused of killing a Yale student

Two months after the murder of Yale student Kevin Jiang, the man accused of killing her is still at large.


Two months after the assassination of a U.S. military veteran Along with Yale University student Kevin Jiang, a man who is believed to have died in his death is still at large in what has become an international search.

At the request of the US Marshals, an international "red notification" letter has been issued for the Quinxuan Pan international at Interpol. The warranty, as defined by Interpol, "is a request to law enforcement agencies around the world to locate and detain a person awaiting repatriation, surrender, or prosecution of similar offenses." Pan is wanted for the murder and release of the second degree.

Pan, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a suspect in Jiang's death, was last seen on February 11 with family members in Brookhaven, Georgia, according to American Sharks. He was seen carrying a black backpack and performing a miracle. This was just five days after 26-year-old Jiang, a graduate of Yale School of the Environment, was shot dead.

Photo: Qinxuan Pan

New Haven police have identified Qinxuan Pan as a man interested in the shooting death of Yale graduate student Kevin Jiang.

Jiang was found on February 6 on the ground outside his car where he had been shot several times. He had recently proposed to his sweetheart, another Yale student.

Police were investigating whether Jiang had been diverted due to road rage following a car accident, however, authorities have yet to confirm the cause.

Pan should be considered "armed and dangerous" and the public should exercise "extreme caution" around him, New Haven police chief Otoniel Reyes said during a press conference shortly after the incident.

Authorities had earlier received two arrest warrants for Pan's possession and two stolen vehicles - one in North Haven, CT, on the night of the shooting and the other outside Massachusetts.

With no Pan pan since early February and the official launch of police on March 1, the red flag will now extend to search in 194 countries, signaling a notice of international law enforcement in various languages, said Matthew Duffy, deputy director and public information officer for the District of Connecticut Violent Fugitive Task Force. , in an interview with Fox News.

Jiang was expected to graduate from Yale next fall with a Masters degree in natural science, according to Yale officials. U.S. military veteran And the National Guard has been embarrassed for just a week to celebrate his 27th birthday.

Authorities did not disclose whether Pan, a native of Shanghai, could have fled to the United States or where he could be at this time.