An Upcoming Movie About David Bowie May Not Feature His Music. Would You Still Watch It?

source: Washington Post

Soon after it was announced that the young British actor and musician Johnny Flynn would portray David Bowie in the upcoming biopic movie Stardust, Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, has said that the film had not secured rights to play his father's music.

In another tweet,  Jones also pointed out that neither Stardust's director Gabriel Range, nor its producers Salon Pictures and Piccadilly Pictures had ''the family blessing'' for the movie. Jones made it clear he was not against the movie, but he clearly stated it would not get any of his father's music at this stage. He also questioned the masses' interest in the product provided it did not feature any original music.

Asked whether he would make a movie tribute to his late father, Jones declined in saying that it would be too personal for him and he would be too subjective. Jones, a movie director himself, directed the 2009's Moon, 2011's Source code and more recently, the Netflix sci-fi film Mute which, compared to his previous works, was not welcomed by the critics and audience.

In a follow-up tweet, Bowie's son encouraged the American Gods and Sandman writer Neil Gaiman to write a script and make an animated film using his father's characters alongside the Spider Man's co-director Peter Ramsey.

In response to Jones' comments, Stardust's producers Salon Pictures issued an official statement to clarify that the movie would be focused on a very particular moment of Bowie's life. They also added it would not be related to his music. Salon Pictures compared the upcoming movie with Nowhere Boy for Lennon and Control for Joy Division, saying they would limit to period music and songs that Bowie covered but not his original tracks.

Paul Van Carter, the producer of Stardust, went further to emphasize that the production has never intended to use Bowie's music but only music from the particular period. As for the ''family blessing'', Van Carter confirmed that his team sent the screenplay to the family, but he was informed it would not grant any rights over Bowie's original music.

The bioptic Stardust would trace the early years of David Bowie, starting with a trip to the USA in 1971 which inspired him to create his world-famous alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. The young British actor Johnny Flynn who is currently playing alongside Kit Harington in a West End revival of True West, would portray Bowie during the early 1970s. Jena Malone, famous for work at The Hunger Games would appear in the movie as Bowie's first wife, Angie.

It is not the first time when the movie industry faces such a debate between the icon's family and movie makers. 

Would you be interested in watching a tribute to David Bowie provided it did not feature his original tracks?