Anderson Cooper Thinks The Fake Nancy Pelosi Video Should Go -- Facebook Is Not Backing Down

The fake Nancy Pelosi video that is gaining traction on social media thanks to a push by Donald Trump is here to say. Anderson Cooper thinks it has to go.

Anderson Cooper Thinks The Fake Nancy Pelosi Video Should Go -- Facebook Is Not Backing Down806
source: YouTube

Facebook is under fire for enabling conspiracy theorists along with President Donald Trump and his backers to make a fake video of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi appearing to be drunk go viral.

The clip, which has received several millions of views both on Facebook and YouTube, is being pushed by Mr. Trump who shared it with his millions of Twitter followers.

Trump posted the video of the Speaker of the House despite being fully aware that it was doctored to make it as if she was having difficulty to speak during a press conference.

Many called out the head of Facebook for not removing the clip and among them is CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Cooper grilled Facebook's Head of Global Policy Management Monika Bickert during an interview that aired on Friday night.
Cooper said he is baffled as to why Facebook has failed to take concrete actions to stop the video from spreading and added: "They're not even commenting on it. Facebook has repeatedly told Congress and the American people that you're serious about fighting disinformation and fake news, yet this doctored video that I think your own fact checkers acknowledge is doctored of Speaker Pelosi remains on your platform. Why?"  

Bickert responded by saying: "Anybody who is seeing this video in their news feed, anybody who is going to share it to somebody else, anybody who has shared it in the past, they are being alerted that this video is false. And this is part of the way that we deal with misinformation. We work with internationally certified fact-checking organizations that are independent from Facebook, and we think these are the right organizations to be making decisions about whether something is true or false. And as soon as we get — and we did in this case, as soon as we get a rating from them that content is false, then we dramatically reduce the distribution of that content."

Cooper went on to reveal that that video is still up and asked this poignant question: "You have no problem removing 3.39 billion fake Facebook accounts from October through March. So why is it okay for you to remove fake Facebook accounts, but it's not okay to remove a clearly fake video? Again, you're in the news business. There's a responsibility that comes with that."

Bickert replied by saying that she was actually in the "social media business," which prompted the reporter to hit back with: "Well, you are in the news business. The reason you're sharing news is because you make money from it. It keeps people watching you and more involved in your site, which I get, and that's fair. But if you're in the news business, which you are, you've got to do it right, and this is false information you are spreading."

Do you think Facebook should remove the fake Pelosi video, yes or no?