Andrew Cuomo was indicted for a sex crime against an employee when he was governor of New York.

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The victim filed charges of forcible touching in a court in Albany, the New York state capital.

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo , who resigned last August after being accused by several women in his work environment of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior, has been formally charged with forceful touching, a minor sex crime, in court. From Albany, the capital of the New York state.

According to several local media, a spokesman for the Albany court, Lucian Chalfen, was the one who confirmed the complaint, noting that a censored copy of the lawsuit will be available "shortly" since it is a sex crime.

The brief complaint, filed by an Albany County Sheriff's Office investigator, accused Cuomo of putting his hand under a woman's shirt on December 7, 2020. The document did not name the woman, but Cuomo had been publicly accused of groping an aide, Brittany Commisso, at the executive mansion in Albany last year.

The sheriff's Albany County district attorney's office did not respond to reporters. Still, the Albany Times Union quoted unidentified officials as saying the complaint had been issued "prematurely" and no final decision had been made. On whether Cuomo would make him face charges.

Commisso, who was Cuomo's executive assistant, says he reached under his shirt and stroked it when they were alone in a room at the governor's Albany mansion late last year.

She said Cuomo pulled her into a hug as she prepared to leave the governor's office at the mansion. When she told him, "You 're going to get us in trouble, " Cuomo replied, " I don't care, " and slammed the door, according to her account. Commisso said. Cuomo slid his hand down her blouse and grabbed her chest.

Cuomo has flatly denied that he touched her, once saying, "I would have to lose my mind to do such a thing ."

Commisso filed a complaint with the county sheriff in August of the same week; a report by state attorney general Letitia James found that the Democratic governor sexually harassed 11 women and worked to retaliate against one of his accusers. Other accusations outlined in the report range from planting unwanted kisses to asking unwanted personal questions about sex and dating.

Cuomo announced his resignation a week after the report was released, which marked a dramatic drop for the third-term governor.

Commisso was referred to as "Executive Assistant # 1" in the report but publicly disclosed her identity after publication. She is the only woman mentioned in the attorney general's account who is known to have filed a criminal complaint.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple promised an "extensive" investigation in collaboration with Albany County District Attorney David Soares.

Cuomo's attorney, Rita Glavin, has said that the "Commisso story changed over time."

The complaint filed by the sheriff's department investigator said the evidence in the case included police messages on BlackBerry, cell phone records, building security records, and a text message from Cuomo's mobile phone. The complaint was signed by the officer on Monday and sealed by the court as received on Thursday.

District attorneys in Oswego, Manhattan, suburban Westchester, and Nassau counties had also said they requested materials from the attorney general's investigation to see if any of the allegations could result in criminal charges.

Additionally, the Assembly Judiciary Committee is completing an extensive impeachment investigation of Cuomo that began before he resigned. They were also looking at the management of COVID-19 data management and efforts to accelerate COVID-19 testing for Cuomo's inner circle in spring 2020.