Andrew Cuomo's top adviser resigned following a report linking New York governor to acts of sexual harassment.


Melissa DeRosa, who worked with the New York president since 2013 and frequently defended him when he was the target of public criticism, left office a week after an investigation by the state attorney general found him linked to sexual misconduct.

Melissa DeRosa, the top aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has resigned. She told reporters Sunday, about a week after a report from the state attorney general found the governor engaged in sexual misconduct with 11 women.

DeRosa joined the Cuomo administration in 2013, eventually becoming his most trusted ally.

He wrote in a statement that serving the people of New York had been "the greatest honor of my life."

Personally, the last two years have been difficult emotionally and mentally," DeRosa added. I am forever grateful to my state for the opportunity to work with such talented and committed colleagues.

DeRosa frequently defended Cuomo when he was the target of public criticism. For example, in March, he told lawmakers that the Cuomo administration did not provide them with information about COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes last August due to fears that the Trump administration would use the data against the state government. .

DeRosa is chair of the New York State Council on Women and Girls, which Komo launched in 2017, to ensure that every policy is implemented and that every program created is a women's and girls' experience. And strive to advance our equality. 

After the attorney general released his report, Democrat Cuomo has entrenched himself in the struggle of his political life despite the threat of possible criminal investigations and widespread calls for impeachment.

Many Democrats, including President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have called for him to resign or face impeachment that he may not win.

Nearly two-thirds of the state assembly members have already said they are in favor of impeachment if they refuse to resign. In addition, almost every member of the state senate has demanded his resignation or removal.

From what I've heard, I think he's still trying to figure out how to fight it and get his point across, Democratic State Chairman Jay Jacobs told the Associated Press. But he added: At some point, you will see that the political support is not close enough to be able to try.

The governor's lawyers have promised that there will be a long struggle to stay in office.

I am not aware that the governor has plans to resign," Cuomo's attorney, Rita Glavin, told CNN on Saturday.

For months, Cuomo said the public would be "shocked" once he shares his side of the story - he has not made any public comment since the release of a 168-page report written by two independent investigators selected by the state attorneys' office.

An executive aide accused Cuomo of blowing it up, saying it was a crime the governor did to him. She was the first woman to file a criminal complaint against him.

In the first public interview in which she identified herself, Britney Camiso told CBS The Morning and the Albany Times Union that the governor needed to be held accountable.

Commisso said Cuomo reached under her blouse and grabbed her when she was alone at the executive mansion last year, and on another occasion, touching her butt while taking a picture.

He broke the law," he said in an excerpt from an interview scheduled to air in full on Monday.

Cuomo's attorneys have focused their defense on attacking the credibility and motives of his accusers. Glavin criticized the investigation, led by Attorney General Letitia James, for failing to provide Komo's lawyers with its findings and transcripts in advance and for failing to include more material in the governor's favor in the report.

It was of poor quality. It was not very objective. Leave the evidence, and it was an ambush, "Glavin said.