Ángel Di María's hint to Lionel Scaloni after his outstanding performance against Paraguay

source: today.in-24.com

Ángel Di María's hint to Lionel Scaloni after his outstanding performance against Paraguay: "I showed that I am capable of playing."

El Fideo started the third game for the Copa América and did not disappoint. He assisted impeccably with the goal of "Papu" Gómez and showed a lot of.

Argentina beat Paraguay by the minimum and leads Group A of the Copa América. The goal was scored by Papu Gómez , after an exquisite assist from Ángel Di María. "I am thrilled and content. I think we deserved the victory because we searched throughout the game. We had many chances, and we only converted one", lamented Fideo.

"We played a spectacular game; we handled the ball. It isn't easy to start because guys have been playing many games, and that influences when you have to start. We played a perfect game, and it is not easy; the victory was deserved. We started strong; it was one of the things we talked about before the game: converting and taking the game to our side. It was essential, and then we handled it", analyzed the PSG footballer, who started again and did not clash.

And precisely because of his absence in recent meetings with the Argentine team, Di María sent a hint to coach Lionel Scaloni. "You are always hurt because you love to play, and you always like to start. But my face never changed; I was always happy and tried to give my best and 100%. Every time I had to enter, I showed that I am capable of playing. Today I went back in and showed it again. The 28 who are here for something, that's why I will give my best if it's my turn; otherwise, I will support from outside, " he assured.

Before saying goodbye, Fideo highlighted Papu's goal over his attendance. "As soon as I gave her the pass, I knew that I was going to end up biting her. It is one of the things that the forward has", he explained. And he closed by confirming that Brazil is the clear candidate in this Copa América because "it is winning the games much easier" than the rest. "We, on the other hand, started winning recently. They are also local, and it is evident that it is much easier, "he concluded.

The other footballer to speak from the field of play was the author of the winning goal, Alejandro Gómez: "I am thrilled because at this moment I was waiting for him. After a long time and having this opportunity makes me super happy, especially for the victory". Papu recounted the sensations he had when he scored that goal after a great team play from Argentina. "You think about family, friends and a couple of things cross your mind. The effort that one makes and the patience that one has to wait when it is not your turn. This opportunity must be seized", he assured.

To finish, he had a significant gesture towards Di María, who gave him the precise pass to convert. "The attendance was perfect. He left it in front of the goalkeeper, and I had to define it above the goalkeeper. The team won again, which is the important thing. The victory gives you a lot of confidence. Now, to rest, we have a long week".