Angela Merkel Tells Harvard Graduates To Unite Against Ignorance In Subtle Dig Directed At Donald Trump -- Is She Right?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has used a speech on American soil to go after all the things that she finds are wrong with the Donald Trump administration.

source: Instagram

Angela Merkel has decided to take jabs at US President Donald Trump in a recent speech she delivered to Harvard graduates.

The German chancellor said that students have a responsibility to unite in the face of ignorance so that they can successfully defeat it, and subsequently deal with much more significant global issues like terrorism and climate control.

She stated: "More than ever, our way of thinking and our actions have to be multilateral rather than unilateral. Global rather than national. Outward-looking rather than isolationist. In short, we have to work together rather than alone. You, dear graduates, will have a quite different opportunity to do this in the future than my generation did."

Merkel also sounded disappointed with the recent international situation, claiming that countries should work harder to cooperate and share efforts and resources in dealing with problems that affect them all.

 The chancellor did not point out any specific names, but it was clear that she was talking about Trump and his recent policies.

She added that policies of isolating one's country from the rest of the world have ultimately proven harmful and should be fought against, explaining that this kind of attitude goes against the wellbeing of the world as a whole.

The European leader added: "Walls of ignorance and narrowmindedness may exist between family members as well as between groups within society, between people of different skin colors, nations and religions. I would like to see us break down these walls."

Merkel continues to enjoy strong support from multiple sides as many people see her as a strong leader capable of addressing some of the world's recent problems in a meaningful manner.

At the same time, some have been critical of her approach to immigration issues, claiming that she might be doing too much for people outside of her country in exchange for addressing its internal problems.

However, Germany has proven to be a strong nation through recent decades, which paints those comments in a somewhat ridiculous light.

It remains to be seen if Merkel will continue to enjoy her strong support in the future.

Should Merkel keep presenting herself as an anti-Trump figure, yes or no?