Animal Rescue Activist Birgitte Kallestad Dies Of Rabies After Puppy Bite -- She Rescued The Wild Dog Months Before

Birgitte Kallestad, a 24-year-old animal lover from Norway, died of rabies after getting bitten by a puppy she had rescued weeks earlier in the Philippines.

source: Instagram

Birgitte Kallestad, known for her activism in rescuing animals, has tragically passed away earlier this month.

Her death came as a result of a rabies infection which she received from a puppy she had rescued together with a group of friends a couple of months ago while vacationing in the Philippines.

According to reports, the puppy managed to bite and scratch most people in the group in varying ways, but Kallestad was the only one to get infected by the fatal disease.

She was hospitalized not long after the bite and had to be treated several times, as doctors were unable to pinpoint the nature of her condition.

The 24-year-old Norwegian woman passed away about a week after becoming infected. Many have stepped forward to express their condolences over the tragic death.

Kallestad's family put out a statement that read: "Our dear Birgitte loved animals. Our fear is that this will happen to others who have a warm heart like her. If we manage to achieve this, the death of our sunbeam can save others."

Some have also taken the opportunity to warn people about the dangers of playing with wild animals.

Rabies is a disease that's practically impossible to treat after it has reached a particular stage in the human body, and it is also quite difficult to detect its presence in the first place.

The safest approach practiced so far is to give a person a series of preventative shots in any case where there might be suspicion of a rabies infection.

It looks like none of the people present during the rescue thought that the puppy was potentially a carrier of the life-threatening disease.

The incident has drawn a lot of attention to the situation around some people working with wild animals and the risks they face on a regular basis.

One person reacted on social media and said: "Rest in peace in the heavens. So saddened by this unfortunate and terrifying occurrence and warm thoughts of condolence I am wishing out to your family and friends. So sad. I now have some more rabies knowledge because of this and will always help to raise awareness and prevention, so that kind-hearted souls like yourself don't have to burn out their flame before their time in this universe is truly finished."

Will tragic incidents like this one change the way people interact with certain animals, yes or no?