Ann Coulter Slams Donald Trump Again Over His Border Wall Cave -- Is She Helping Him Politically?

Ann Coulter succeeded in making President Donald Trump appear reasonable when it comes to the border wall debate. Will the political commentator forgive him?


President Donald Trump has made it clear that when it comes to Ann Coulter, he is more or less quoting Shakespeare saying, "I hardly knew ye."

The far-right conservative social and political commentator has been slamming President Trump for ending the shutdown without getting the funding for the border wall.

 The writer is now upset because the Republican politician opted to declare a national emergency to keep the campaign promise.

Miss Coulter took to Twitter where she more or less claimed that POTUS is a scammer. The syndicated columnist said Trump is scamming "the stupidest people in his base."

The lawyer shared: "No, the goal of a national emergency is for Trump to scam the stupidest people in his base for 2 more years."

She went on to warn Trump's supporters by saying that he is not fighting for them as he promised during the 2016 presidential campaign.

She added: "The goal is to get Trump's stupidest voters to say "HE'S FIGHTING!" No, he's not.  If he signs this bill, it's over."

While in the past, the former reality TV star declined to speak about Coulter, this time around, he decided to address the harsh remarks made by the controversial personality.

Mr. Trump confessed that while he talks to show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity about his policy decisions, he barely knows Coulter.

The real estate mogul said this about Coulter: "Ann Coulter, I don’t know her. I hardly know her. I haven’t spoken to her in way over a year. But the press loves saying, ‘Ann Coulter.’  Probably if I did speak to her, she’d be very nice. I just don’t have the time to speak to her. I would speak to her. I have nothing against her."  

Trump went on to offer an olive branch to Coulter by saying he is not against sitting down and having a conversation with her.

That is unlikely to happen because Mr. Trump concluded by once more throwing Coulter under the bus.

 He concluded his remarks by: "But she’s off the reservation. But anybody that knows her understands that. But I haven’t spoken to her. I don’t follow her. I don’t talk to her.”

Some have observed that it is rare for Mr. Trump to appear as the voice of reason in a conversation and this is the case right here.