Another moment of madness for Messi in Miami: the Argentine's gesture with the fans who clamored for his presence.


The forward continues on vacation in Key Biscayne with his family after winning the Copa América with the Argentine national team.

The holiday of Lionel Messi in Miami after obtaining the Copa America with Argentina is more like a rockstar tour than a footballer. Not because of the attitude of the fantasist, who traveled with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo, their children Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro; his parents and siblings in a family plan. But every step taken in the United States creates a surge in spectators, who follow it in the sun and the shade. And the 34-year-old striker bet not to give up so much love and vowed to contact his followers, a fact that was re-registered by fans' phones.

Forty-eight hours ago, his visit to the Prima Pasta restaurant went viral, where a bunch of admirers awaited him at the door waiting for a photo, a signature, or a greeting. Instead, as we was able to find out, Messi and his companions entered around 10 p.m. on Friday through a back door that leads to the kitchen and then lands in a private room.

Messi took a few minutes to smile at everyone waiting on the sidewalk to finish their meal.

The family is so cool, so beautiful with everyone, that they have no problems with anything," concluded Gerardo Cea, owner of the premises.

Something similar happened when he was at Café Ragazzi. The rumor of his presence in the exclusive restaurant spread quickly. He had to leave the place guarded by some people who tried to guide him towards his vehicle amidst an actual human tide that celebrated Argentina's title in the Copa América.

But the scene was repeated in Key Biscayne, the area where the family stayed. The videos of the moment also went viral.A crowd of children clung to the fence, waiting for him to at least pass. But just as it happened when leaving the restaurant, and as it also happened at the door of his in-laws' house in Funes, La Pulga approached the fans to sign jackets, personal belongings and to lend himself to the flashes.

Dressed in a T-shirt, swimsuit, cap, and flip-flops. he dove through the dozens of fans who were yelling at him to come closer. "Messi, I love you!", "Beast!" or "how I love you!" are some of the dedications that can be distinguished between the clamor.

La Pulga chose a spectacular house to relax with his loved ones. The property you rented is oceanfront with a bay view from every room. A property equipped with the latest technology with four floors with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, a garage for several vehicles, and an "infinity" pool.

It also has a  living room, games room, and a modern gym that the Rosario footballer will undoubtedly use to keep physically fit. At 34, he has a principle of an agreement to continue with Barcelona after having stayed with the pass in his possession during the first days of July.

The ideal environment to recharge the batteries after the effort invested in Brazil to lift its first title with the Senior National Team broke the 28-year Albiceleste drought without celebrations (since the 1993 Copa América in Ecuador). The fans here and there, thank you. And Messi pays for the idyll with gestures like the one that went viral.