Another scandal with Ricardo Centurión: He insulted the referee after Atlético Tucumán-Vélez was eliminated


Another scandal with Ricardo Centurión: He insulted the referee after Atlético Tucumán-Vélez was eliminated and was fired.

After receiving the red card, the midfielder was separated from referee Andrés Merlos by his teammates. However, the protests continued even in the tunnel.

Atlético Tucumán and Vélez had equaled 0-0 at the Monumental José Fierro , for the fourth date of the Professional League . In the context of an even match (beyond the fact that Fortín handled the ball a little better in the second half), the players greeted each other while others approached to talk with referee Andrés Merlos. Ricardo Centurión, who had entered the second half, looked at him from a distance and said something that the transmission camera could not capture. He immediately turned and headed for the tunnel. But the judge did not forgive him. He jogged to his location and showed him the red card. 

Yes, with the match over, another slip in the "Wachiturro" career.

Immediately, the visiting team gathered around Merlus to ask him for an explanation.

But goalkeeper Lucas Hoyos and even Ramiro Carrera, a member of the local squad, sought to calm the former Boca and Racing, who tried to rebuke the referee, pointed him out, and kept yelling at him. 

Eventually, they managed to remove him from the scene. Lautaro Gianetti came out in defense of the midfielder. "You put the whole game behind it," he told the authority.

Anger continued in the tunnel, where Velezan footballers continued to talk to Merlos, who, according to a reporter on the field, argued, "I had to respond to an attack. What do they want from me?" If only he had insulted me. "

Mauricio Pellegrino made Centurión enter 14 minutes into the epilogue by Lucas Janson to gain depth and give Luca Orellano a partner, who was well off. But Centu only managed to touch the ball 11 times, due to uneven health. And it did not weigh.

Less than a week ago, Ricky had starred in another unfortunate event. In the 0-0 equality against Defense and Justice, it was Janson which he replaced. At that time, the creation midfielder was upset by the coach's decision. First, he went to the substitute bench with a stern gesture, but then he sat in one of the seats in the lower stalls of José Amalfitani, a sector that was enabled by the health protocol so that there is the distance between the players and members of the coaching staff.

Once there,  Centurion continued with his annoyance and when he was hit by a diver that flipped him back to the substitute bench.

Now, he forced the red card with the game over. And disciplinary court approvals for a player sent for contempt usually have two suspensions. Therefore, an extraordinary duel would be lost: that of August 14 at the Monumental, against River Plate.