Antony Blinken spoke to Pedro Castillo and asked him to trust Peru to address Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.


The US Secretary of State communicated by phone with the president-elect of Peru took the opportunity to congratulate him on his proclamation and urged the strengthening of ties between the US and the South American country.

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has expressed this Monday to the president-elect of Peru, Pedro Castillo, that he hopes to count on the South American country to address "the crisis in Venezuela" and "the deteriorating situations in Cuba and Nicaragua."

A few days after Pedro Castillo received the credentials and a few hours after he assumed the presidency of Peru after his victory in the ballot against Keiko Fujimori was confirmed, the United States congratulated the candidate of Fuerza Popular and called to deepen the relationship between both countries.

In a message on his Twitter account, Blinken said it was "a pleasure to speak with the president-elect of Peru, Pedro Castillo. and offer my congratulations today".

"We are grateful for our long-standing partnership with Peru on inclusive economic growth, education for all, increased citizen security, and upholding democratic principles," Blinken added.

Blinken thanked in his conversation with the leftist leader Peru's "support" in the face of the crisis in Venezuela and stressed his "hope" that the new government "will continue to play a constructive role in addressing the deteriorating situations in Cuba and Nicaragua."

This Monday, it was confirmed that the opposition to Castillo would lead the Congress after controversially leaving the official list out of the contest for having a member without a parliamentary group at the time of presenting the candidacy.

The winning list to occupy the board of directors consisting of representatives of four center-right and right-wing parties, led by lawyer María del Carmen Alva (Popular Action).

Joining her will be Lady Camones (Alianza Para el Progreso) as first vice president, Enrique Wong (Podemos Peru) as second vice president, and Patricia Chirinos (Avanza País) as third vice president.

Although the board of directors does not represent the Fujimori Popular Force, the support of the right-wing Keiko Fujimori bench, who lost the presidential elections against Castillo, was key to the victory of the list headed by Alva.

The United States has declared itself "anxious" to work with Pedro Castillo, the village teacher and union leader announced the president of Peru and wished a "successful" transfer of power on July 28. When that country celebrates 200 years of independence.

The announcement comes a month and a half after the election, when Castillo won a victory over right-wing Keiko Fujimori, who delayed his appointment with more than a thousand challenges in which he "alleged fraud" without credible evidence. Yogurt "was condemned.

On behalf of the American people, I congratulate the people of Peru for having a voice in the free and fair presidential and legislative elections, "said the chief of US diplomacy last week.

In addition, he praised the work of "officials, government employees, and volunteers, whose dedication made voting and certification possible in difficult situations faced by Covid 19."

Blinken stressed that the United States and Peru "enjoy deep ties" between their peoples, as well as shared values ​​and common interests in matters of democracy, security, trade, and respect for human rights.

"We look forward to working with the President and the elected administration of Castillo to strengthen relations between the United States and Peru and to lead our nations to a better future," he added. Appreciated the achievements of cooperation between the countries. 

"We hope," Blinken added, "the successful transfer of power to the new Administration on July 28, the Bicentennial of Peru, a propitious occasion to celebrate the country's independence."

In this context, he pointed out that "together" they can guarantee that democracy "provides greater opportunities for the citizens" of their countries.

Castillo's proclamation came eight days before the presidential change, scheduled for July 28.

Before the announcement, Keiko Fujimori had anticipated, in a public statement where he did not admit questions, that he would respect the proclamation of the National Elections Jury (JNE), even though he described it as "illegitimate" for continuing to consider that there was fraud in the vote held on June 6.

Pedro Castillo will take office this Wednesday in a ceremony in the Congress of the Republic of Peru. Several leaders of the region will be present, such as the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, the Colombian, Iván Duque, or the Bolivian, Luis Arce, among others.