Antony Blinken will travel to the Middle East in the next few days after the ceasefire between Israel and palestine.


The chief of US diplomacy spoke with his Israeli counterpart, Gabi Ashkenazi, who "welcomed" the visit, State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

The head of US diplomacy, Antony Blinken, will travel to the Middle East "in the next few days," the State Department said on Thursday after Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire after 11 days of fighting.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said Blinken spoke with his Israeli counterpart, Gabi Ashkenazi, who welcomed the visit.

He added that Blinken would also meet with Palestinian and regional figures "to discuss recovery efforts and work together to build a better future for Israelis and Palestinians."

The announcement comes after Blinken spoke twice to Ashkenazi on Thursday before the ceasefire was enforced, broken by Egypt, and came amid mounting international pressure to stop the bloodshed.

"The two leaders praised Egypt's mediation efforts, and the Secretary noted that they would remain in close contact with their Egyptian counterparts and other stakeholders in the region," Price said.

In the phone call, the head of US diplomacy advised his Israeli counterpart to travel to the Middle East, where he also plans to meet with other foreign officials in the region.

Blinken was on his way home on Thursday after visiting the Arctic, embroiled in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Working from hotel rooms and the plane in favor of a ceasefire, he spoke with leaders on both sides and Arab nations with influence over Hamas.

Price said the Secretary of State (Israeli) welcomed the Foreign Minister's confirmation that the parties had agreed to a ceasefire.

Earlier, Blinken said he was willing to go to the Middle East at any time.

US President Joe Biden called the ceasefire a "real opportunity for peace" in a speech to the White House.

Biden said, I am convinced that we have a real opportunity to move forward, and I am committed to working towards that.

The Israeli military says Hamas and other armed Islamist groups fired more than 4,300 rockets at Israel in Gaza, killing 12 people, including two children and an Israeli soldier.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, the Israeli attacks on Gaza left 232 Palestinians dead, including 65 children and 1,900 injured.

The war also includes Gaza's second most powerful armed group, Islamic Jihad.

The objective of this visit, as Price has detailed, will be "to discuss the recovery efforts and work together to build a better future for Israelis and Palestinians."

In the call framework, Blinken and Ashkenazi also praised Egypt's efforts to reach peace. As such, the secretary indicated that he would remain in close contact with the Egyptian authorities and other interested parties.