Antony Fauci told Americans to get vaccinated against the coronavirus: we have a tool to prevent them from dying.


We are dealing with a historical situation with this pandemic," said the main epidemiologist of the White House.

Anthony Fauci called on the American population this Sunday to leave the "differences" and get vaccinated against the coronavirus to avoid "preventable" deaths.

"We are dealing with a historical situation with this pandemic, and we have the tools to counteract it," declared the main epidemiologist of the North American Government to the NBC chain.

"Let's put all these differences aside and think that the common enemy is the virus," he added.

A poll released this Sunday by The Washington Post and ABC News revealed that among those who have not yet been immunized, 74% considered it "unlikely" that they would receive an injection.

Fauci lamented that about 99.2% of the people who died in recent weeks from the virus were not vaccinated.

"No vaccine is perfect, but when you talk about the possibility of hospitalization and death, it is unfortunate and unfortunate that most of them can be prevented and prevented," he said. ۔

When asked about the delta variable, the expert warned that it is more transmissible and pointed out that "in terms of its severity it seems more lethal, as it is more likely that the affected people will be hospitalized I have to enter or in some case, they are revealed. Until death

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that the delta variant, first detected in India, currently accounts for 25% of new COVID-19 cases globally, which already exceeded 600,000 deaths from this virus.

Jeff Zients, White House Code 19 Coordinator, pointed out that on July 4, as the United States celebrates its independence, the country "celebrates and highlights 2 out of 3 American adults over the age of 18." There is so much to do. The vaccine has received at least its first dose.

You are protected if you are vaccinated, and you are not protected if you are not vaccinated. "It's especially important for everyone, including young people, in light of the various shapes of the Delta," Zients told ABC News.

CDC figures show that 47.3% of the population (156.9 million people) have been fully vaccinated, and 54.9% (182.1 million) have already been vaccinated.

These percentages rise to 58.1% with complete vaccination among the population over 18 years of age and 67% with an injection.

US President Joe Biden had set a goal for this July 4 that 70% of the American adult population would have already received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Zients also assured that an event organized this Sunday by Biden to celebrate Independence Day with a barbecue at the White House to which some 1,000 people have been invited, especially essential workers and military personnel and their families, "is becoming the right way."

"It is an outdoor event with testing and selection," said the official, who said they would be followed according to CDC guidelines.

The United States will send special teams with medical personnel to critical points to deal with the delta variant of covid-19, Zients announced last week.

The official, who did not specify which states would be assisted, said the teams would work with high-risk communities or expand to different parts of the Delta before then. And epidemics are spreading due to low vaccination rates.

In addition, he explained that the teams would "improve contact with patients in the affected areas and provide treatment to those affected, among other issues."

Despite the increase in the number of cases of the delta variant, Administration experts reiterated Thursday last Thursday that it is not necessary to use a mask for fully vaccinated people. Fauci stated this, and the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Rochelle Walensky.

Asked about the need for the mask, Fauci explained that people who are fully vaccinated "have a high degree of protection" against this new variant: Therefore, they don't need to use a marking, either indoors or outdoors.