Apple sets Foxconn's India supplier notice after protests, food poisoning

This site is smart as a U.S. technology giant. is trying to break its reliance on its Chinese supply chain during the trade dispute between Washington


Apple said it has put the southern Indian factory of iPhone assembler Foxconn to the test after both companies found that some staff accommodation and restaurants did not meet the required standards.

Apple did not specify what the test meant.

While putting another southern Indian factory of another supplier, Wistron Corp, to the test after the crisis last year, it said it would not offer the company a new business until it talked about how employees were treated.

The latest action follows protests that erupted this month after more than 250 women working in the Foxconn factory and living in one of the dormitories were treated for food poisoning. More than 150 were hospitalized, Reuters reported.

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The center, located in the town of Sriperumbudur near Chennai and employs about 17,000 people, was closed on Dec 18. Apple and Foxconn did not say when they expected to reopen.

A Foxconn spokesman for Taiwan said on Wednesday they were reorganizing the local management team, taking immediate action to upgrade the facilities and added that all staff would continue to be paid while making the necessary progress to resume work.

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A spokesman for Apple said on Wednesday it had sent independent auditors to assess conditions in the dormitories "following recent concerns about food safety and living conditions in Foxconn Sriperumbudur."

Apple said it had found that some of the residences and restaurants that were not on the farm's premises did not meet their needs, adding that it was working with a food retailer to ensure comprehensive rehabilitation plans, adding that it would ensure its strict standards were met before relocation.

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The latest action at the center follows protests after more than 250 women working and living in one of the dormitories were treated for food poisoning. More than 150 were hospitalized. Karen Dias / Bloomberg via Getty Images file

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that Foxconn and its 11 contractors, including food and accommodation providers, had been called to a meeting with the state government and that officials had asked Foxconn to review the services provided to workers, including power support. in hostels, food and water.

The impact on Apple since the closure of the plant, which makes the iPhone 12 models and has already begun production of the iPhone 13 trial, expected to be minimal, analysts say. But the factory is strategic in the long run as the US technology giant tries to break its reliance on its Chinese product line amid a trade dispute between Washington and Beijing.