Apple will allow the controversial social network Parler to return to the App Store.


A Republican congressman had made a complaint to the company led by Tim Cook. He shared a response letter from the computer giant. He states that he will admit the platform to its application store again as soon as it performs an update.

Apple will once again admit Parler, the favorite social network of the conservative wing of the United States, in its application store, which had been banned since January this year. This service was in the eye of the storm when the assault on the Capitol occurred on January 6, 2020. As a result, both the company led by Tim Cook and Google decided to withdraw the app from their stores.

However, the App Store will have Parler again. The Republican Congressman of the House of Representatives, Ken Buck, who had spoken out against the decision to remove the app from the stores, shared a response letter from Apple on his Twitter account, confirming that he will admit to the social network again when this one has its updated version.

In the letter to Buck, Apple also noted that Parler had made updates to its content and app moderation policy to lead to its reinstatement. However, it is not clear when Parler will return to the App Store.

The platform has been singled out for functioning as a meeting point for right-wing conservatives in the United States and supporters of former President Donald Trump. Its operation is similar to Twitter in its design. 

In the letter, Apple's director of government affairs, Timothy Powderly, said Parler had violated his guidelines, including publishing publications that "incited violence, denigrated various ethnic groups, races, and religions. "He also noted that the posts in the app had "Glorified Nazism".

However, since Apple decided to remove Parler from its App Store, Powderly claims that the social network has worked to abide by its rules. It's still unclear what Parler has agreed to or how the platform will moderate going forward.

Parler was banned from Google and Apple app stores after far-right groups stormed the United States Capitol building in Washington DC earlier this year. Amazon, for its part, stopped providing its hosting web service (AWS) days after the riots for similar reasons.

In February, the platform managed to get back online; however, it is not possible to download it as a mobile application. Parler CEO Mark Meckler noted earlier this year that the tech giants' decision to cut ties with Parler had been made "by those who wish to silence tens of millions of Americans."

The Parler social network was created by two graduates of the University of Denver, Matze, and Jared Thomson. 

According to Sensor Tower, the app has seen a wave of interest in the United States since the presidential election. In the following week, it was downloaded more than 200,000 times by Americans. This application has about 5 million installs.

On the app's site, the founders pointed out that they came to create the parlor because they were overwhelmed by the lack of transparency, ideological pressure, and misuse of privacy in the big technologies. According to LinkedIn, the company is based in Nevada, Henderson; they have between 11 and 50 workers. On the page, the welcome speech states: Speak freely and express yourself freely, without fear of being removed from the platform. Interact with real people, not bots.