Аrizоnа Reрubliсаn оrdered eleсtiоn results саlled Trumр's саll, Giuliаni's suрроrt fоr emаils

Karen Fann, President of the country's Senate, also told delegates that "Biden had won," according to messages received and released by a watchdog group.

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Karen Fann, president of the Republic of Arizona Senate, told delegates that then-President Donald Trump had phoned her and thanked her for following the controversial review of voting in Maricopa County, according to emails issued by a vigilant party on Friday.

More than 500 pages of Fann's emails were obtained with a request for freedom of information and published by American Oversight, which has links to Democrats. He spoke several times about discussing the election with the then presidential lawyer, Rudy Giuliani in response to those present who expressed frustration with the state's election results. President Joe Biden investigated Arizona blue for the first time since 1996, winning nearly 10,000 votes.

"I have had many conversations with Rudy Giuliani in recent weeks trying to do this," he wrote in a December 28 email sent via his iPhone to a self-proclaimed voter from his constituency. "I fully support him and receive a phone call from President Trump thanking us for forcing us to prove any fraud."

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Fann led a GOP-controlled chamber to authorize an extremist terrorist investigation shortly after Biden's November victory. After months of legal battles, the judge ruled in February that Maricopa County officials should follow the recommendations of the national assembly and turn over 2.1 million electoral machines and ballots in the 2020 elections. Fann then hired private firms in March to do the review.

The study was closely monitored by the materials and was also criticized for indulging in conspiracy theories. Private companies proposed procedures that confused and affected election experts, state and regional officials, and even the Department of Justice. In May, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, the largest Republican organization in charge of elections, told Fann that "auditors" were on their way.

Board chairman Jack Sellers, of the Republic, called it "an obscene waste as an audit."

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, R-Prescott, speaks to the media in Phoenix, May 26, 2020. Ross D. Franklin / AP file

In an email to NBC News, Fann said Giuliani approached him on December 1 for a meeting, and that he believed he had never spoken to her since.

He did not elaborate on the other conversations he mentioned in the December 28 email.

On December 2, a few days later, the Democratic Republic of Arizona secretary and Republican governor met to formally confirm the success of Biden, a man who said he had met Fann earlier and wrote to him requesting a "re-election," a census, or a nomination by Trump.

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Fann wrote to the area, saying he had "spoken to Mayor Giuliani at least six times in the past two weeks" and that they were "trying hard to find a legal way to resolve the allegations."

He said he was unconstitutional and needed proof of fraud to seek legal remedies, and concluded his email with a lengthy invitation that he was sending as a response to "thousands (and not exaggerating) emails" he received from people who said they were worried about election results.

Fann and several Republicans in Arizona met with Giuliani, who raised Trump's unconfirmed allegations of voter fraud, in late November and early December.

There is no evidence of voter fraud in Arizona, and many independent tests and reviews have found that the Maricopa County results were accurate and the vote was secure. Several cases of fraud or misconduct have been dismissed or dismissed.

Fann's emails give a clear idea of ​​her efforts to protect and explain audits to attendees.

Responding to an email last month saying the audit was a waste of money, Fann wrote in part: "Biden has won. 45% of all Arizona voters think there is a problem with the election process. Auditing is against those ideas or finding ways to improve the system."