Arkansas' GOP Governor vetoes bill prohibiting transgender health care

Arkansas Republican President Asa Hutchinson voted in favor of a bill Monday ! !


Transgender rights have become a new beacon for Republican lawmakers across the country.

"I was told this week that the nation is headed for Arkansas, because I have another on my table another bill passed by the General Assembly that is the product of American civil war," Hutchinson told reporters as he announced his vote.

He said the bill was "while well-intentioned, non-existent," citing it as an example of "government growth" that could "cause legal disruption for doctors and parents as they work on some of the most complex and complex issues affecting young people."

The bill, called the Save Adolescents From Experimentation Act, would be prohibiting genital mutilation treatment, including surgery and hormone therapy, for people under 18 years of age. Arkansas would be the first state in the nation to reject the practice if Hutchinson signed it.

The governor further criticized the bill for failing to provide care for transgender youth who are already receiving these treatment options.

"We want to send a message of tolerance and diversity," he said.

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The Arkansas-led GOP-led House passed the bill last month, particularly on party lines. The Republicans have more votes than Hutchinson's veto with the simplest vote - something the governor says he expects.

"However, I hope that my action will cause the independent legislature of the Republic to reconsider the matter, and I hope that I will come up with a participatory approach that allows for scientific and ethical research surrounding the matter before taking action," he said. .

CBS News has reached the comments of Arkansas State Representative Robin Lundstrum and state Senator Alan Clark, two Republicans who have been key sponsors of the bill.

Hutchinson's Veto comes less than two weeks after he signed two more LGBT rights bans.

One bill allows physicians to refuse treatment of patients on the basis of religious or moral opposition - an act that critics say could allow LGBT people to be answered.

Another bill prohibits transgender women and girls from participating in women's sports teams. Arkansas was the second largest state in the U.S. Adopting such a law - after Idaho, whose law was suspended by a state judge.

At least 25 provinces have seen similar approaches proposed. Four provinces have so far passed a law ban.

The South Dakota legislature has passed a ban on overweight women playing in the women's sports team, but Republican Governor Kristi Noem has said he does not believe the funds will survive legal problems, instead issuing a ban last week at the behest of officials.

The wave of sanctions comes after President Biden reversed several LGBT restrictions on Trump's administration, including a ban on transgender troops.