Аs Demосrаts get аntsy tо асhieve tор рriоrities, Biden hаs yet tо weigh in

First read is your briefing from "meet the press" and the nbc political unit on the day's maximum vital political tales and why they be counted.

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As democrats seem caught on infrastructure, fret that superb court docket justice stephen breyer may not retire, and locate themselves short on senate votes to skip voting protections, there’s nonetheless one man or woman who’s yet to weigh in on a way to flow ahead on those matters.

It's president joe biden, who’s been distant places the beyond week and meets these days with russia’s vladimir putin.

Don’t get us wrong: we aren’t subscribing to the “green lantern theory” of politics in which a president has magical powers to steer the political opposition to get at the back of his proposals.

But what we do believe is that a president has a full-size have an effect on over his birthday party’s elected (and non-elected) leaders. And biden — at the least for now — has but to make up his mind a way to continue on these troubles.

On infrastructure, a president could have large sway over, say, sen. Bernie sanders, i-vt., that democrats don’t have the 50 votes had to pass it through reconciliation, and that dems need gop votes.

Or he can tell sen. Joe manchin, d-w.V., that there'll never be sufficient gop votes, and the best danger to pass infrastructure (and get cash to west virginia) is through reconciliation.

But biden and the white residence nevertheless haven’t made up their minds on a way to move forward.

On breyer, we remember when some other president (donald trump) wooed some other getting older excellent courtroom justice (anthony kennedy), and replaced him with that justice’s former clerk (brett kavanaugh).

However biden, to the quality of our know-how, still hasn’t undertaken a comparable sort of marketing campaign/attraction offensive with breyer.

And on voting protections, look at who's assembly today with those texas democratic lawmakers who are asking for federal assist in preventing the gop balloting restrictions (vice chairman kamala harris), as opposed to who isn't always meeting with them (president biden).

So for all the liberal anger at manchin and sen. Krysten sinema, d-ariz., all the angst approximately breyer’s destiny, and all the concerns about voting, the political discern we have to be watching is biden.

Sure, it’s just june. And sure, none of those are clean troubles (specifically with regards to voting protections and what to do about the gop filibuster).

But the individual that has the maximum influence over his birthday party — and who’s were given to parent out these complex matters — is the president of the us.

Let the summit begin

“president joe biden sits down for the primary time considering that taking office with russian president vladimir putin right here on wednesday in what’s predicted to be an hours-lengthy, contentious assembly — one in which biden has stated he's going to lay out where u.S. Red traces are, and the outcomes for russia if they're crossed,” nbc’s shannon pettypiece writes.

“biden and putin, who arrived on the summit website online first, shook fingers and exchanged a few short phrases while posing for a image on the red carpet outdoor the primary entrance. As predicted, neither gave feedback, and the two leaders did now not respond to shouted questions from newshounds. Following the greeting, the two disappeared interior, double doors final at the back of them.”