As Vladimir Putin Continues To Back Nicolás Maduro In Venezuela, Donald Trump Says It Is Time For Him To Leave

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems determined to make his presence felt in Venezuela while supporting Nicolás Maduro. Can he get what he wants in this case?

As Vladimir Putin Continues To Back Nicolás Maduro In Venezuela, Donald Trump Says It Is Time For Him To Leave604
source: GQ

Announcements that Russian President Vladimir Putin was moving armored vehicles and personnel into Venezuela were met with worried sentiments across the board.

Many fear that a new major conflict might break out in the region, fueled by the already heavy presence of other nations.

U.S. President Donald Trump has officially requested Putin’s withdrawal from Venezuela, claiming that the apparent escalation does nothing to contribute to a peaceful outcome of the current situation.

Putin’s administration has responded with the vague statement that their military presence in the region is of no threat to anyone.

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated: "Russia is not changing the balance of power in the region, Russia is not threatening anyone, unlike citizens in Washington whom I have just quoted."

Commenters have questioned the need for a military presence in the first place if that is the case.

On the other hand, Russian officials have implied that Trump is the aggressor, in this case, stating that their army was not threatening anyone, “unlike citizens in Washington.”

The spokesperson for the Kremlin added that Venezuela or Russia were not “provinces of the United States.”

This is yet another troubling development in the already torn region, casting even more doubt on the future of Venezuela.

Many people are under the assumption that a peaceful resolution is out of the question at this point.

However, others remain hopeful that Nicolás Maduro would step down voluntarily and would hand power over to a successor chosen by the people.

Trump said this about Maduro: "They've got a lot of pressure right now. They have no money; they have no oil; they have no nothing. They've got plenty of pressure right now, so we'll see. They have no electricity. Other than the military, you can't get any more pressure than they have."

At the same time, various conspiracy theories regarding the situation in the region continue to roam around regularly, with many people questioning what exactly is going on in Venezuela and who stands to benefit from that situation the most.

Do you think Trump is right or wrong when he says he cannot add more pressure to get Maduro out?