Assaults On Border Patrol Reportedly Rise By 300 Percent—Attributed To Caravan Arrival

source: NBC News

Recent statistics released by the San Diego Border Chief, Rodney Scott, show there has been a three hundred percent increase in reported assaults against US Border Agents at the San Diego border crossing in the last year.

According to the report, the rise in assaults against the Border Patrol occurred during the same time that the first migrant caravan arrived in Tijuana.  One of the most recent assaults on an agent occurred on New Year’s Eve when a migrant threw a rock at a Border agent and hit them in the face.  

Joshua Wilson, a Border Control Agent stated that the sole purpose of the recent incursions is to bring in people whose express purpose is that of provoking confrontations.  Wilson added if that doesn’t provide proof of the need of a border wall, what does?

“Having the barrier helps prevent many assaults on agent’s and that’s something the public really needs to understand.  It’s not just a border security measure it’s a measure for agents safety as well.”

Founder of the pro-migrant group Border Angels, Enrique Morones, stated that his group does not condone violence, and places all the problems and blame on the border patrol guards and agents.  His reasoning—if you are going across the board to seek asylum, why would you be throwing rocks?  The violence is actually, in his thoughts, in reaction to the border guards tear gassing migrants and shooting rubber bullets at them.

With all this said, there are massive problems with the migrants that are constantly crossing the US-Mexico border.  Multiple recent reports indicate that most of the migrants are in very poor health, and are carrying multiple infectious diseases, which would only spread if they are allowed to cross.  Also, included in a report by the Department of Homeland Security is the information that as many as five hundred of those in the caravan are reportedly criminals.

Finally, when you add in that is has been ruled by a federal court that is unconstitutional to deny a hearing from refugee’s seeking asylum.  All of this adds up to a conundrum that has no easy solution in sight.  As a result, the government is still shut down, as Trump stands fast to needing funding for a border wall between the US and Mexico.  In the meantime, border agents need to remain vigilant and continue to be on the lookout for any possible brewing violence so that they may handle it before it grows out of control.

Will the percentage of assaults on Border Patrol Agents continue to rise in 2019?