Асtivists sаy Flоridа сuts tо Devаntis gоvernment will hurt Рulse survivоrs, аnd оther LGBTQ рrоgrаms

The governor's office called the allegations "minor allegations." ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. LGBTQ + Florida spokespersons

DeSantis, when he signed the state budget on Wednesday, took money from the LGBTQ Community Center in Orlando and the LGBTQ homeless youth organization, according to a list of budget items he voted for.

Equality Florida, a human rights organization focused on the LGBTQ community, said the cuts reflect all of the funding for LBGTQ programs in the state budget.

"Let's be clear: Governor DeSantis has declared war on the LGBTQ community in Florida," Brandon Wolf, Equality Florida's media relations manager and survivor of the Pulse massacre, said in a statement. “Before the 2019 Commemoration, Governor DeSantis was standing at the sanctuary, a stairway from where I fled the building in 2016, and he promised to always support us who were involved in the shooting of a nightclub in Pulse. Today, almost two years later, she has voted for mental health services. I will never forget. ”

DeSantis' financial vote came just 10 days before the fifth June 12, 2016 shooting ceremony, Pulse Nightclub, in which 49 people were killed and several others injured.

DeSantis' office did not respond to requests for comment from NBC News on Friday.

However, his spokesman defended the governor via email to The Washington Post.

"Governor DeSantis has been a mental health professional since day one - and he fully supports the people of Florida who have experienced such trauma, which is affecting the lives of survivors," Christina Pushaw told the newspaper.

DeSantis' office has called claims that his votes will hurt Pulse's survivors "outright lies."

"No one in Floridian needs to go in without mental health care, and that includes even survivors of traumatic events such as the Pulse shooting," Pushaw said. "The fact that Gov.DeSantis voted in favor of a particular party does not contradict the historic investment in mental health for all Floridians, including LGBTQ communities."

Following the Pulse incident, which devastated LGBTQ and LatinX communities in Florida, then-President Barack Obama called Orlando's LGBTQ Community Center a "community policing center."

George A. Wallace, executive director of the institute, said the $ 20,000 vote for $ 45,000 for mental health counseling was expected, but this year $ 150,000 cut "stitches" over a report from Equality Florida that the state had $ 6.6 billion in revenue. billion this year thanks to the American Rescue Plan.

Police are seeking funding for an epidemic. Activists find that 'annoying.'

"Yesterday was the first day of Pride Month and Governor DeSantis once again proved to be one of the most nude and lesbian and hateful bosses in the United States," she said.

The Zebra Coalition, which provides services to LGBTQ youth aged 13 to 24, has also lost money.

"The money would have helped LGBTQ + youth who are facing homelessness, exploitation, isolation from their families, physical and sexual abuse, and drug abuse," said manager Heather Wilkie.

Democratic Republic Rep. Carlos Smith, the first member of the open Latin legislature, has expressed his disappointment on Twitter.

"THE funding for LGBTQ homeless youth is unclear," he wrote. "VOTING for the support of survivors @pulseorlando in the days leading up to the five-year anniversary is heartbreaking."

Smith also criticized the governor for signing the June 1 bill banning girls and men and women from playing in girls' sports teams in public schools.