At least 13 killed after the Kabul attack and a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.


After Thursday bombings against the Afghan government bus in Kabul, four officers were killed. In turn, after a military helicopter crash in Maidan Wardak's territory, at least nine members of the Army died. According to the defence ministry of the country, the causes of this incident are yet to be clarified. 

Reuters pointed out that the two sources claim that without explaining who would launch the device, the helicopter was killed by a rocket. 

At least four officials have died. Nine others have been injured after a bomb against an Afghan government bus in Kabul on Thursday.

The explosion occurred at 7.22 am north of the Afghan capital, as the bus transported officials to their jobs.

Four people died in this explosion, including a woman, and nine others were injured," said the Kabul Police spokesman, Firdaws Faramarz.

The bus was of the ministry of telecommunications and technology. However, the vehicle also had employees of other government agencies, explained Faramarz.

Second attack in a week

This is another attack on the Afghan government bus in Kabul this week. On Monday, another explosion killed five people, and another three were injured.

On Tuesday, a student and the driver of a university bus were killed. Six teachers carried a school logo in the northern province of Baghlan injured in an attack on the vehicle.

These events are part of a series of targeted attacks on Afghan civilians in urban areas, mainly since the signing of the landmark Doha agreement in February last year between the United States and the Taliban.

The majority of these attacks are, in many cases are civilians, including journalists, human rights activists, intellectuals, and women. 

Kabul has always criticized the Taliban for doing these targets. Still, they deny it, claiming it is a ruse by the Afghan authorities to discredit them.

Nine military dead

On the other hand, at least nine Afghan Army members have died in a military helicopter accident in the Maidan Wardak province, the causes of which are yet to be clarified.

In the Behsud district, the Mi-17 helicopter accident occurred, four pilots and five security forces were killed.