At least four people died during the floods in Nashville.

source: msn

Terrible weekend: at least four hit by flash floods due to a massive hurricane. Also, to the four killed by the floods, officials recovered more than 100 entrapped people. In the southern United States, the storms are supposed to continue in the coming hours.

In Nashville, Tennessee, officials say at least four people have been killed in flash floods caused by a storm . Also, more than 100 citizens were trapped during heavy storms.

Four people have been killed and scores more trapped in rising waters in central Tennessee, according to Fox News, officials said Sunday. 

The body of a man was found in a sunken car near the river, According to Fox 17 Nashville. Another man's body was found on a golf course after police said he might have gotten out of his vehicle and been dragged away. And the corpses of another woman and a man were seen near a homeless camp in a forested area.

The records cover reports of first responders helping people in the apartment complex and drivers commuting on the roads in storm-ravaged areas of the town, according to Fox News.

Citing a tragic incident that claimed several lives this weekend, Fox 17 Chief Meteorologist Katy Morgan warned in Nashville. 

Water is a compelling thing, potent, and it doesn't take enough to mop your vehicle.

Major floods are coming, with numerous highways, interstates, and houses flooded, and rescue operations underway! In a message, the National Weather Service wrote. Please stay home and don't travel, he added.

A viable hurricane was warned for the area, but it was not quickly apparent if the incident did occur. 

NBC News also reported this Sunday that flooding from the fall of seven inches of rain caused four deaths and the rescue of at least 130 people. According to that television network, the city of Nashville, of nearly 700,000 residents, remains under a flash flood warning issued by the National Weather Service beginning Sunday.

NBC News quoted the fire department as saying. Floods are also causing landslides, and people are confined in their homes. Water Services officials said. As early as Sunday morning, many small river basins that led flood levels overnight began to return to average flow.