At least one person was shot, and five others were wounded in a firing at an industrial park in Texas.


The event took place in the city of Bryan, south of the State

According to the Chief of Police of that town, Eric Buske, at least one person died on Thursday, and another five were injured in a shooting in an industrial area of ​​the town of Bryan, in the US state of Texas.

The wounded, including one seriously injured, have been taken to a hospital in the area while the perpetrator fled. "

Buske said, Four people were taken to St. Joe's Hospital in a difficult situation in the exchange of fire. Another was pronounced dead at the scene after suffering an asthma attack.

The attacker was an employee of a cabin manufacturing company, which was the shooting scene, police assume.

Lt. Jason James, Bryan Police, said employees are being interviewed, and observers have recognized the one suspect. So there are a number of employees who were inside. It's a business. Police are investigating who did it and how.

What happened, the authorities told people to stay away from the business.

The police arrested a person after he began firing an officer. Later, in a nearby area.

The two incidents could be related, Authorities have said.

Following the Bryan shooting, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said that the State would provide all possible assistance in prosecuting the suspect.

Cecilia and I are praying for the victims and their families and for the law enforcement officer who was injured in the arrest of the accused.

As of this Thursday, US President Joe Biden announced a number of limited-range measures to deal with firearms in his country and called on Congress to stop tolerating the issue that he called Ben. Internationally embarrassing.

Mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado killed 18 people, and two weeks later, Biden unveiled a series of measures to combat gun violence,

But he admitted that Congress would not be capable of doing much on its own if it did not end its attempts to regulate rifles and pistols.

Gun violence in this country is an epidemic. Condemning the President of the United States, It is an international shame.

The President reminded that 106 people are killed by firearms every day in the country, 53 women are femicides by pistols every month, and the armed violence has a huge impact on the black and Latino population.