At least two were killed in a shooting at an Idaho mall in the United States.


The Boise Police, when they arrived at the scene, identified a person who matched the description of a possible suspect, so they opened fire on him. The suspect responded in the same way, and in the exchange of shots, an agent was injured. However, the possible perpetrator of the event has finally been arrested.

At least two people have died, and four others have been injured, including a police officer, in a shooting at a shopping center in the city of Boise, located in the state of Idaho, in the United States.

Police Chief Boise, Ryan Lee, said that when officers arrived at the shooting scene, they identified a person who matched the description of a possible suspect, so they opened fire on him and picked up the chain CBS.

The suspect responded in the same way, and an agent was injured in the exchange of shots. However, the possible perpetrator has finally been arrested in the Towne Square shopping center.

Likewise, the Police have indicated that they have no suspicions that there were more shooters involved, so they believe that there is no longer any danger to the population, although the investigation is still active.

For her part, the Mayor of Boise, Lauren McLean, has defended that no citizen should have to say goodbye to their loved ones before going to work or shopping. "Countless people have found themselves in a situation that they would never have expected," he pointed out.

Similarly, the governor of Idaho, Brad Little, has expressed that the victims of this "unimaginable shooting" are in his prayers and that the state "is prepared to help the Boise Police Department while they investigate" the event.

Likewise, the company that owns the shopping center has announced that this Tuesday, the place will be closed to the public out of "respect" for the community.

"This is devastating for our entire community, and our thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims during this time," the company has transferred in a statement, where it has pointed out that they are working "closely" with the Police in the investigation. of the "tragedy."

The suspect was taken into custody, and "there are no further threats to the community from this incident," Lee confirmed.

"We cannot speak at this time about the motivations behind the incident or anything else that could impact the investigation," he added.

The New York Times newspaper reported that the mall decker Boise Towne Square in Boise has more than 150 shops and restaurants.

The identities of the fatalities or the health status of the four injured were not disclosed.

Shootings are a big problem in the United States, where many argue that relatively lax gun laws facilitate them.