Austin Secretary of Defense orders the National Guard to be vaccinated or face loss of pay

A memorandum sent out on Tuesday stated that members of the Security Council should be vaccinated in order to participate in training or face loss of income


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered that all members of the National Guard and Reserve be vaccinated against Covid-19 or face loss of income and be marked as absent without reason for training and training, according to a copy of an invitation received by News.

Austin made the Covid vaccine mandatory for all service members in Aug. 24 and ordered the secretaries of the military service to issue their own directives for use and times. Authority has been extended to all members of the service staff or to the Ready Reserve, including the National Guard.

Republican President Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma wrote a letter to Nov. 2 asking Austin to revoke the authority of Oklahoma National Security members. Days later, Stitt appointed a new general manager of the Oklahoma National Guard, who said he would not exercise authority.

Austin responded to Stitt on Monday, denying his request to revoke the Oklahoma National Guard mandate. It was unclear, however, how the Pentagon planned to exercise its authority when members of the National Defense Force were in the public service. Most of the time, including when training, members are on duty and accountable to their superiors.

Austin's memo released Tuesday outlines three ways in which the Pentagon can exercise its authority nationwide, even if members of the Security Council are on duty.

According to the memorandum, sent to the ministry secretaries, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon chief of staff and a senior member of the National Guard, known as the head of the National Guard Bureau, members should be fully vaccinated to take part in training and training.

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If they do not participate, they will not get credit on time and they will not get excuses for the absence, which will affect the days they accumulate for retirement. They will also not be paid if they are trained or activated in the public service if they are not vaccinated. Members of the National Guard are paid by the organization.

Austin instructed military secretaries and Pentagon commanders to issue a similar directive to apply for Security and Detention members at their branches. Policies and guidelines for use should be published before Monday.

More than 400,000 people work in the National Guard. The Oklahoma National Guard has about 8,000 members.