Authorities Claim Gambino Boss Francesco Cali Was Not Killed By A Rival Mafioso -- Here's Why They Call The Suspect Dumb

An arrest has been made in the death of Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali, it had nothing to do with a life of crime. A young woman is the reason behind the murder.

source: YouTube

The murder of Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali, alleged head of the Gambino crime family at the time of his death, drew a lot of attention. 

Many suspected the obvious -- that the boss had been slain by a rival member of the mafia over a disagreement or as part of an ongoing war behind the scenes.

However, recent police reports indicate that this might not entirely be the case. 

Authorities claim to have apprehended Anthony Comello as a primary suspect in the case. 

The killer’s motive had nothing to do with organized crime. Instead, the murder was over a girl whom Comello had taken a liking to.

After being told to back off by Cali, Comello took matters into his own hands and shot the notorious criminal to death.

The crime was traced back to Comello due to a mistake he had made during the assassination.

A license plate that he reportedly handed to Cali right before shooting him served as the critical piece of evidence in the case and allowed authorities to track down Comello after finding his fingerprints on the plate.

There have been concerns over Comello’s safety after the news broke out. 

For now, he is in the safety of police custody. However, there are still questions over how he is going to live out the rest of his life, even if it is behind bars. 

The man has been quiet on the situation, according to police, other than admitting that he was indeed behind the killing of the mafia boss.

A source close to law enforcement shared: "This went from the perfect crime to amateur hour. Anthony Comello will go down in the record books as being one of the dumbest killers in New York City history, if not in the US and the world. Not to mention that the victim was the head of the Gambino crime family."

NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea added: "I think it bears repeating — we are not yet three days into this incident. While we believe we have the shooter in custody for this incident, the investigation at this point is far from over."

Do you think it is right or wrong to call  Comello a dumb criminal?