Barack Obama Is Eyeing Thanksgiving 2020 For The Release Of His Book -- Is He A Bit Jealous Of Wife Michelle's Success?

Former President Barack Obama was decent at his job by most accounts and to this day has the world at his feet, but he might be jealous of his wife's success.

source: Instagram

There might be a friendly competition going on in the Obama family, as former US President Barack Obama has claimed that he is motivated to outperform his wife's book with his own.

It is not clear exactly what date Obama is aiming for at this point, but reports indicate that he will likely release the book sometime in 2020, probably around Thanksgiving Day as his wife did in 2018.

The exact reason, according to Obama, is that he wants to do better than his wife Michelle did with her memoir.

Moreover, while Obama sounded quite serious with his statement, as revealed to the media by people close to him, it is very likely that it is all a matter of an inside joke behind the scenes that political observers are not privy to.

In any case, many people are still eager to see the release of the highly anticipated memoir, and there has been much speculation about what it could possibly contain.

There are also rumors that Obama might be trying to take shots at current President Donald Trump with the release of the book, although it is not clear precisely what the memoir might contain to that end.

Obama himself has been quite secretive about his work on the book, other than to confirm that he was the only one writing it.

This was seen by many as a potential jab at his wife Michelle, who had used a ghostwriter for her memoir.

On the other hand, it could also be a reference to certain other people in politics who are known for using ghostwriters, and Obama might have ignored the impact such a statement might have on his wife.

The former president, who appears to be in top shape at the moment, was in Washington yesterday to spend some time with the children from the Nationals Youth Academy.

Fans are very happy for what he did. One of them stated: "Just can't for the life of me. Imagine Trump doing that. Must've been the hardest thing ever handing over the reigns to that balloon."

Another commenter chimed in: "Everywhere you go, Mr. President, you give the gifts of grace and love and optimism...I am so grateful to you. Thank you."

Do you think Obama is a bit jealous of his wife's success, yes or no?