Barack Obama Might Release His Memoir In 2020 -- Could It Hurt Democrats?

Former President Barack Obama's memoir might drop in the middle of the 2020 election campaign. If this happens, who will it affect more -- Democrats or Trump?

source: Instagram

While a lot of attention is focused on the upcoming 2020 election, some have been questioning when supporters might get a chance to see things in the White House from former President Barack Obama’s perspective.

The former president is yet to release his memoir, and while some rumors were indicating that this might happen this year, recent reports point in another direction.

Specifically, it is rumored that Obama might be waiting for the 2020 election to begin before releasing the book to the world.

It is not clear if the move is designed to maximize the book’s impact at its release, or if the former president simply needs more time to complete the memoir in the first place.

However, in any case, it looks like those waiting on the book to drop will have to wait a little longer.

Some have been critical of Obama’s possible decision to withhold the release of the memoir until the election season has explicitly started, pointing out that the former president has otherwise chosen to distance himself from current developments in the White House, and is not planning on even endorsing any candidates in the upcoming election until the Democratic primary is over.

With that in mind, it would be strange indeed to see Obama insisting on delaying the release of the memoir, but it is possible that there is more behind the scenes that observers are not seeing yet.

In any case, speculation around the memoir is at its highest at this point, with many people questioning if the former president might reveal something more candid about the current state of the White House and its internal affairs.

In the meantime, supporters are still encouraging the former leader of the world.

One follower stated: "You are doing more good for the world while not in office than our so-called “leader” actually is. We miss you, but we’re so happy to see this!!!"

Another commenter added: "I’m forever grateful that you were President for 8 years. Hopefully, we can get back to civility and honor soon."

Do you think the Obama memoir could have an impact on the next election, yes or no?