Before the fatal shot, an assistant had told Alec Baldwin that the gun was safe.


According to a statement made in a Santa Fe County court, an aide to the director was unaware that the prop pistol was loaded with live bullets.

Shortly before Alec Baldwin fired the gun with which he finally killed the director of photography for the film 'Rust,' Halyna Hutchins, one of the film crew members, had told the actor that the weapon was safe.

This is clear from the statement of a witness to the event that moves Hollywood to which the New York Times had access, which also revealed details of the sequence before the tragedy: an assistant director Joel Souza grabbed one of the three prop weapons the weapons specialist had prepared in a gray cart, handed it to Baldwin, and yelled "cold pistol," an expression used in the industry to signal that a gun is loaded with bullets that are not real.

Then, according to the affidavit accessed by the US media, which bears the signature of Detective Joel Cano of the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Department, Baldwin fired the weapon. The projectile hit Hutchins, which he lost. Life in the Albuquerque hospital and Souza.

According to the New York Times, the witness statement maintains that the assistant principal "did not know there were live bullets in the prop gun" when he handed it to Baldwin.

Another detail revealed by the affidavit accessed by the New York Times was that the three prop guns had been left in a gray car out in the open "due to COVID-19 restrictions."

Everything that is known about the tragic episode so far:

What happened?

The Santa Fe County Sheriff's Department in New Mexico received an emergency call afternoon reporting a shooting at the Bonanza Creek Ranch, a famous US film set.

They found two people who were shot by a prop gun fired by the actor and star of the production, Alec Baldwin. The director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, 42, was airlifted with a stomach wound to the hospital, where she later passed away.

"Rust" director Joel Souza, 48, was taken by ambulance to another hospital, where he was released after being treated.

What was the sequence of events?

According to a document the sheriff presented to the court, the Santa Fe Reporter claimed that the crew and actors were practicing a scene when the incident occurred.

After the accident, Baldwin, 63, changed and handed the clothes he was wearing to investigators.

The weapons officer handed the weapon over to detectives. By court order, investigators can remove films, video, cameras, weapons, and ammunition, as well as clothing and recording equipment and cell phones of those at the location, the Santa Fe Reporter detailed.

What happened to Baldwin?

The 63-year-old actor, and Emmy winner, was questioned by detectives investigating the incident. The sheriff's department said Baldwin volunteered, answered questions, and offered statements. Then he left and was not arrested. Neither were charges filed. A spokesman for the office said an investigation was opened.

Baldwin tweeted Friday that he was "absolutely cooperating" with police work.

Who was Halyna Hutchins?

The victim of Thursday's shooting, Halyna Hutchins, hails from Ukraine and lives in Los Angeles. Her colleagues remember her as a dedicated and talented filmmaker with a rising career in Hollywood.

Hutchins grew up on a Soviet military base in the Arctic Circle "surrounded by reindeer and nuclear submarines," according to his website. After studying and working as a journalist in Ukraine and Europe, Hutchins joined the prestigious AFI film school in Los Angeles in 2015. "Words cannot capture the grief over the loss of someone so dear to the community of the AFI," the school said on Twitter.

Hutchins, 42, had worked on the drama "Blindfire" and the thriller "Archenemy," produced by Elijah Wood. "Rust" was his first production with a major Hollywood star.

Who is Joel Souza?

The writer and director of "Rust," Joel Souza, was also injured in the incident but was released Thursday from the hospital.

A native of California, Souza has worked for a decade in Hollywood. He debuted with "Hanna's Gold," a family adventure film starring former "Beverly Hills 90210" heartthrob Luke Perry. At 48, he has written and directed four other productions, including the drama "Crown Vic" (2019), which Alec Baldwin produced and was supposed to star in but canceled due to a scheduling conflict.