Bernie Sanders Claims He Wants No Help From Hillary Clinton For His 2020 Campaign -- Is This A Smart Move?

Bernie Sanders is still not over the 2016 Democratic Primary and he is not ready to make peace with the person who won that race. Is this a good strategy?


There were some rumors that Bernie Sanders might request assistance from none other than Hillary Clinton for his upcoming 2020 presidential campaign. 

Those pushing this theory thought it would be a clever way for the Vermont senator to put all the drama of the 2016 Democratic primary behind him.

 The idea made sense in certain ways, given that Clinton was the main opponent to President Donald Trump, and came closest to beating him in the race. With that in mind, she might indeed have a few good ideas up her sleeve.

However, according to Sanders himself, he has no plans to approach Clinton for any sort of assistance with his campaign. 

Sanders also added that he actually believes that he has a better shot at winning this round compared to Clinton.

He went on to praise Clinton’s achievements and acknowledged the successful points in her career. 

At the same time, he also made no attempts to conceal the fact that he still holds animosity towards Clinton. He acknowledges her role in current American political developments and does not seem to agree with her entirely in this regard.

The candidate for president told the ladies of

The situation around the upcoming 2020 election is shaping up as a more and more complicated one, and it looks like this next primary season might be the most interesting one observers have seen in a long time. 

Trump has been relatively quiet about his own campaign, but many expect him to go very low if that is what is needed to win. 

On the other hand, many have started to rise up against the current administration, and it looks like Trump might face even stronger competition next year if things keep moving in that direction.

A spokesperson for Clinton, Nick Merril, slammed Sanders' comments by stating: "I don’t know who our nominee is going to be, but I am d*** sure that beating Trump & getting America back on the right footing is going to require a unified Democratic Party, so c*** like this 613 days before Election Day is irresponsible, counter-productive, & sets us all back."

Sanders still has a lot of work in front of him to unify the Democratic Party.