Bernie Sanders Cuts Himself On Glass Door By Accident, Still Shows Up For Campaign Events -- Will This Bring Age Issue?

Bernie Sanders is campaigning after cutting his head on a glass shower door. The presidential candidate is not slowing down despite the seven stitches. 

source: The Hill

It is always humbling to hear a story about a politician so devoted to pushing his message, that they continue to perform their duties even in the face of bodily harm. 

Bernie Sanders made a recent appearance at a health campaign event, although he had to deliver his speech with a bandaged head. 

The politician had reportedly cut himself on the glass door of his shower, but the wound was not bad enough to prevent him from attending the event.

In a somewhat ironic twist of faith, Sanders had to speak about American society’s current healthcare issues, and how they could be addressed. 

His plan, which has been widely discussed, is gaining more and more attention from multiple sides. 

Sanders himself seems entirely convinced that he is on the right track with his ideas as well.

However, not everybody seems to be taking the recent event as something inspirational. 

Some have pointed out that Sanders is almost 80 at this point, which would make him the oldest U.S. president if he got elected next year.

This incident drove additional attention to his health condition, with some questioning whether he would be fit to perform for four full years in the White House.

Sanders himself does not seem too worried by that, however. The politician has continued to demonstrate a strong spirit and a willingness to do what is right in the name of his beliefs. 

Arianna Jones, a Sanders spokeswoman, said: "The senator has proceeded with all of his scheduled events — joining a group of approximately 20 local clergy for breakfast this morning — and looks forward to joining a roundtable with South Carolinians this afternoon to discuss how we can provide high-quality, affordable health care for all."

During a campaign rally in Nevada, the senator from Vermont told the crowd: "A little black eye is not going to stop me. This campaign is about transforming our country and creating an economy, and a government that works for us, not just the one percent."

His campaign has been gaining lots of support, and will likely continue to grow in the upcoming months, according to speculation.

Do you think it is right or wrong to bring up Sanders' age as a political issue?