Best 10 healthy foods for your effective weight loss.

source: healthline

Are you tired of dieting and tedious physical activity to lose weight or keep your weight regular?

But did you know that there is another way to lose weight effectively? These are common foods to include in your diet that will help you lose some weight and improve your health.

So, here are ten foods for healthy weight loss:


One of the essential foodstuffs that are necessary for the diet of any person. Protein-rich sea fish is low in calories and allows you to satisfy your hunger and not gain too much. If you want to enhance the flavor of the dish, add spices and lemon juice.


When planning a menu, it is simply impossible to do without snacks in the form of apples, which must be consumed every day. Apples are healthy fruits that can benefit you from losing weight and satiate the body with nutrients. It is best to use seasonal apples from your summer cottage or farm apples that are not processed and are not saturated with harmful elements.

Yogurt without additives

A delicious treat that can be an advantage in losing weight. As you know, a healthy diet isn't complete without dairy products, so plain yogurt is the best measure. You can take both regular and drink. 


Breakfast is an essential part of any diet that needs to be nutritious and healthy. Therefore, oatmeal porridge is ideal for a great breakfast, allowing you to eat well, awaken the body and not gain extra calories. Oatmeal should be cooked in water without sugar. Still, you can make it a little tastier by pouring it with natural juice or drinking yogurt.


A good alternative to eating a healthy breakfast is to menu eggs. It is eggs that are the source of protein, building material in the human body. It is best to cook hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs rather than frying them in a skillet with butter or bacon.

Green tea

Green tea calms the nervous system and effectively helps during the period of weight loss. You can drink such a drink with pleasure and enjoy the pounds that go away. 

Cottage cheese

Another fermented milk product is famous for its value and nutritional value for the body. Also, cottage cheese will not add extra calories, but on the condition that you consume it without added sugar.


A liquid dish must be present in the daily menu, and the broth is perfect for this. The best way to lose weight is to cook the broth without pasta, potato, and other flour products. 


The most popular nut is rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins. You should eat 2-3 nuts a day, which will be a handy snack and practical help during weight loss.


Avocado has recently appeared on our tables but has already managed to gain its due popularity. And all because the product is tasty and rich in healthy fats and helps to lose weight. Add the avocado to salad or toast as an ingredient daily, and you'll see actual effects soon. 

All of the above products will help in any endeavors with weight loss and will have an excellent effect on both the figure and health in general.