Betsy DeVos Urges Teachers To Use ''Adult Time'' To Protest - Does She Have a Point?

source: Flickr

During her speech at the Education Writers Association national seminar in Baltimore Monday, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos once again criticized the teachers across the U.S. for their strikes, highlighting they should not be walking out of the classrooms to protest.

DeVos pointed out that teachers, as adults, should use ''adult time'' to express their dissatisfaction and not to involve children in the process. 

Secretary of Education supported ''the great teachers'' in their attempts to have their pay raised, but she was not in favor of their colleagues who went on strikes for better working conditions.

According to the statistics, teachers in West Virginia, Arizona, Oklahoma, California, and other states protested for better pay during the 2018-2019 academic year. 

Their colleagues in North Carolina and Mississippi supported them without leaving the classrooms. However, on May 1, these teachers organized a one-day protest making their respective districts to cancel school for that day.

Speaking in front of the educational journalists Monday, DeVos continued with her criticism. She took the stage to blame the journalists for the way they covered her saying that she often felt ''used as clickbait'' by the media.

DeVos explained that she was an introvert by nature and disliked all the publicity that came with her position as Education Secretary. As she put it, education should not be about Betsy DeVos or any other individual. It should be about students, DeVos emphasized.

During the conference in Baltimore, DeVos also defended another controversial policy amendment by her administration. The Department of Education canceled some rules by Obama's office to protect transgender students. In DeVos' view, the protection was only on paper. 

Asked whether she was planning to sit for another term if President Trump wins the elections in 2020, she said she doubted her husband would approve it.

DeVos has been a controversial appointment since her first day in office. To begin with, she was approved for a Secretary of Education by a 51-50 vote. Her political rivals have often questioned her qualifications for the position. For instance, she is often accused of a lack of previous experience in the field of the public schools' system.

One of her latest moves that raised eyebrows was her support of President Trump's decision to cut funding for the Special Olympics. After the public backlash, the President quickly walked it back.

What do you think about Betsy DeVos vision on teachers' strikes? Do you support or oppose her statement that teachers should use ''adult time'' to fight for better work conditions?