Beyoncé & Jay Z: ''Are You Going Vegan With Us? We Have Lifetime Free Concert Ticket''

source: Wikipedia

Queen B and her husband Jay Z have actively been using their popularity to promote a healthy lifestyle and their vegan diet, along with their partners from The Greenprint project. In an Instagram post, they opened a contest, promising free lifetime concert ticket to one of their followers who successfully adopts the plant-based diet.

The Greenprint project and Beyoncé aim to inspire the public to implement either full or partial vegan diet in its daily routine. It could include a meatless Monday or at least one meat-free lunch per week, Queen B suggested.

Real fans of Beyoncé and Jay Z are hardly surprised by their new initiative. In 2015, the former Destiny's Child artist launched 22 Days Nutrition, a vegan meal service along with her trainer Marco Borges. Her meal plan excluded alcohol, soy, gluten, and animal products. Why 22 Days? She believed that it takes 21 days to change a habit.

Furthermore, right before Coachella last year, Queen B announced she quit meat and posted a caption of a home-made avocado toast to prove it, highlighting she would be a vegan for the 40 days remaining to the festival. 

More recently, in January 2019, the celebrity couple wrote the introduction to a vegan cookbook called The Greenpoint. In their byline, they confessed children had changed their lives entirely by making them focus on health.  As a result, they started thinking of health as the truth and not a diet with questionable results for everyone. Therefore, they are now encouraging all their followers to reconsider their daily habits and follow them in their new, environmentally-friendly life. 

Also, Beyoncé and her husband did not miss to mention the side effects of veganism on the environment, citing the conservation of water and the cutting of the carbon emissions. 

Queen B and Jay Z are not the only celebrity couple trying to change its eating habits. Earlier last month, Jennifer Lopez and her partner Alex Rodriguez started a 10-day challenge on Instagram to exclude sugar and carbs from their menu. 

Veganism may have its positive effects on your body but it also brings some risks, according to health professionals. For instance, the first few days could be quite rough, especially for people who are not used to changing eating plans. There could be some withdrawal symptoms when cutting certain ingredients from your menu. One of the options to combat them is to drink enough fluids, especially water. You can also experience fatigue, headache or faitness. What is important, is to consult your GP to make sure the diet plan you chose is optimal for you and will not have any serious negative effects on your health.

Following this chain of thoughts, have you ever considering going vegan/vegetarian?