Biden believes Putin is a murderer and will soon pay the price for his actions.


US President Joe Biden declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin will face the consequences of his efforts to make the 2020 US presidential election favor Donald Trump and that they would come soon.

(Putin) will pay the price, Biden told  ABC News in an interview that aired Wednesday. When asked what the consequences would be, he did not elaborate on details and replied: You will see shortly.

The President referred to the US intelligence report that Putin personally authorized operations to interfere in the electoral process and favor Donald Trump, seeking re-election.

Asked by journalist George Stephanopoulos if he believes that Putin is a murderer ("killer"), he said: Yes, I think he is.

Us intelligence agencies blamed Russia and Iran that tried to intervene in the 2020 presidential election and announced that Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah, Venezuela, Cuba also tried to influence the process. However, it was only a limited one. 

In particular, they claim that Putin has authorized several actions to displace public confidence in the election process, thereby increasing the divisions to support President Donald Trump and harm the White House, a democratic candidate. 

The statement was in stark contrast to his predecessor Donald Trump's firm refusal to say anything negative about the Russian President. The statement is considered a severe contrast to the firm denial of his predecessor, Donald Trump, to say anything negatory about the Russian President.

Biden said, in January, he had talked to Putin after taking office. We had a long talk, him and me. I know him relatively well, Biden said. "The conversation started. I said we both know each other. If I establish that this occurred, then get ready," Biden said.

He did not specify whether he referred to Russia's interference in the US elections or other behaviors that the United States opposes. Such as the toxicity and confinement of Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny.

Also, he recalled a meeting they had in 2011 when Biden was vice president and told him that he did not believe that the Russian leader had a soul.

Russia reacted rudely to Biden's remarks that Putin is a killer. Biden insulted our country's citizens with his statement and wrote the Lower House of Parliament's Speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin, on his Telegram channel, adding that the attacks on Putin are "attacks on our country.