Biden called upon Atlanta to "shut down" racism against Asiatic.

source: theguardian

The United States president, Joe Biden, asked this Friday to "stop" the growing racist attacks against Asian Americans in the country when visiting Atlanta. Several shootings left eight victims on Tuesday, six of them women from that group racially.

"Hate cannot find refuge in the United States. It is up to all of us to stop it," Biden said after meeting with Asian-Americans in that city in the state of Georgia.

The president added that "the motivation" of the Atlanta shooter is still not entirely clear, who assured authorities that he targeted three Asian massage parlors because he "blamed them" for providing a way to keep his sex addiction active and wanted to " remove the temptation. "

However, Biden recalled that violence against Asian Americans has skyrocketed since the pandemic began: "they have been attacked, blamed, used as scapegoats and harassed," as well as "killed."

Words have consequences. This is the covid 19, the term," the president said, without straight relating to his predecessor Donald Trump, who calls Covid 19 "China's virus.

Anger and brutality are often buried in clear sight. They are often replied to with quietness, but that has to change because our quietness is intrigued. We cannot be collusion. We have to act," he stressed.

Biden asked Congress to pass a bill introduced by female legislators with Asian roots to increase resources to that racial group and address the increase in hate crimes during the pandemic.

The president visited Atlanta accompanied by the vice president, Kamala Harris, who recalled the history of racism against the Chinese or Japanese in the United States, who were even held in concentration camps during World War II.

In America, racism is extremely. In statements to the press, Harris said Xenophobia, and Sexism is natural in America, and it always has been.

In the last year, there have been almost 3,800 insults or attacks motivated by a race against Asian Americans, of which 68% affected women, according to a report published Tuesday by the organization Stop AAPI Hate.

Biden condemned the fact that Asian American women have suffered twice as much harassment and struggle as men of the same ethnic group.