Biden is submitting a deadline for COVID vaccination to April 19

President Biden announced on Tuesday that the national eligibility deadline for the COVID-19 vaccine nationwide is being set for April 19


Mr Biden had earlier called on provinces and territories to enable all adults to access firearms on May 1.

As of Tuesday, 36 states have opened immunization rolls for people 16 years and older, while 12 others and District Columbia are already set to do so by April 19. In other words, many states are already on track to match the new President. April 19 deadline before announcing it

It is unclear how moving the presidential deadline would change the distribution of policies or how quickly it would be put into American arms. It was also unclear on Tuesday whether the new, previous deadline also indicated that the supply of vaccines would arrive soon or if there were new vaccinations for Americans immediately waiting to receive their firearms.

Several states and major metropolitan areas, including Washington, are struggling to meet the high demand for the shooting, leaving residents currently eligible to receive vaccinations in neighboring Maryland or Virginia.

Mr Biden said last month there would be enough coverage to vaccinate all Americans by the end of May.

The announcement comes as targets continue at a rapid pace, as rates of infection with COVID-19 are increasing again in many countries. The president has warned that diversity is spreading, and cases are escalating in some areas.

"Let me define it in one word: Time. Time. Even with the record speed we are traveling, we are not even in the midst of vaccinating more than 300 million Americans. This will take time," he said. .

Mr Biden urged people to remain vigilant, to adapt to social isolation, and to hide.

"We are in a race for life and death with this virus," he said.

He also urged older people, especially those to be vaccinated, and urged young people to encourage family members and neighbors. At least 80% of COVID-19 deaths in the US were among adults.

The United States dropped 150 million guns on Monday, the president also announced. He has set himself the goal of shooting 200 million in his first 100 days. More than 75% of those over the age of 65 received at least one firearm, he said. He said about 80% of teachers and childcare workers received at least one firearm by the end of March. The president had set a target of having all teachers get at least one gun by the end of March.

Earlier on Tuesday, the president visited a vaccination clinic at a seminary in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday that more than 167 million vaccines had been developed since distribution began late last year. About 1 in 3 Americans, 32.4%, have at least one COVID-19 vaccine to date, the CDC said.