Biden Made Stimulus Looks Easy ; it was an economic miracle

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When Joe Biden made stimulus look easy, he was right. When he said that it was an economic miracle, he was right. When he spoke about how Obama was different from all the other presidents, he was right.

But, is it really so? Is fixing our country's debt, or creating new jobs, or creating a better infrastructure, or increasing access to higher education a job creator? Did President Obama make the stimulus look easy? And if he didn't, why did he say that it was?

If the stimulus package is so easy to pass, why wasn't it passed? Why are we still in a recession? Why haven't we reached our goals? What went wrong? What can we do to get out of this mess once and for all?

One common thread in all of the answers to these questions is politics. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the entire reason that we have a government today is because our politicians have gotten so good at politics that they are able to get anything passed through a Congress, or Senate, or even a President, no matter what it actually is that they are trying to pass. The incentives are great, the arguments are compelling, the promises are huge...why isn't this working?

First off, it is important to understand that this is not a vision of the future. It is merely an attempt to convince us that our problems are going to be solved, that somehow our leaders are going to rise up and solve the unemployment crisis. It is simply not true. And if our politicians really believed that, I believe that many of them would start passing more laws that would make it harder for unemployed people to find good paying jobs. That would not be good. But it is the reality that we face.

And secondly, there is no doubt that the stimulus package is going to help us get our economy moving again. If we were not doing anything to help our economy then the stimulus package would simply be a gift to our corporate friends. That would be bad. However, now we can enjoy the fruits of that and it is certainly better than the alternative. And frankly, isn't that what all of us want?

Some have criticized the stimulus package as being too liberal and even socialist in nature. While I personally do not believe that the US Government should control private businesses, I also realize that the US Government has done just that with the stimulus plan. They are trying to support small businesses and helping them through this recovery. That is a very positive thing. And yes, I am also a conservative, and I am also pro-free market. But I firmly believe that the Obama Stimulus Package will help us improve our country.

But like all good things in life, nothing is for free and we will have to pay for our decisions, not only today but in the future. And the best way to ensure that we pay for those decisions and not have to suffer the consequences, is to keep on saving and investing. We will never know how rich we might become if we do not continue to save and invest. That is the American way and it is working; and we owe it to our country to continue down that path.

President Bush and his economic team were good at what they did; they got us out of the fiscal mess, which was not only bad for our country, but was also preventing the United States from becoming a powerhouse on the global scene. And the good thing was, because we were able to come out of it, now we can look forward to a more prosperous future. President Obama and his economic team are going to continue to work at making sure we continue to get out of our record number of consecutive job losses. It is interesting to see how this stimulus package will work, because it is similar to what we experienced during the last major recession.

As I mentioned earlier, it was not pretty. Americans are still hurting and not knowing when they will ever fully recover. However, that is also part of America, and that is why we enjoy vacationing in places like Florida, which is one of the top three Florida counties. However, if you travel further down south in the state of Florida, and then down to Orlando, you will find a different scene altogether. People there are losing their homes and businesses, and the unemployment numbers are through the roof there as well. So, even in the face of tough times, President Obama has still put forth a plan that will lift the American spirit and get our economy moving again.

In other words, no matter what happens, this stimulus package plan, which is now in effect, is something that was done with the American people, and for the American people. That is what good leadership is all about. Please consider this.