Biden Makes Apology For Remarks Others Deemed Racist—Is He Yet Again In Damage Control Mode?

source: Good Free Photos

In a statement issued Saturday former vice president Joe Biden made an apology for comments he made, as well as the pain they have caused, about his feeling he could work with segregationist senators. 

In his releases statement of apology, Biden said he regretted the comments and that he apologized for any misconception or pain that the remarks may have caused anyone.  The apology was made by Biden, a Democratic presidential hopeful for the upcoming 2020 election, during a South Carolina campaign event.  Biden went on to clarify that he was in fact "wrong" for giving the public the "impression" that he was in some way praising segregationist senators.

The apology came after, in the first round of Democratic debates for the primary, fellow presidential hopeful Kamala Harris, senator of California, brought the issue to the forefront and highlighted race.  She pointed specifically to Biden’s previous comments around segregationist senators and the issue of mandated federal busing.

After the events of that first round of debates, several polls showed that Biden's lead was beginning to narrow among his fellow contenders, while at the same time Harris moved up on the polls.  When the comments, made by Biden in June, originally provoking comments and criticism from Harris, as well as New Jersey Democrat and fellow candidate Cory Booker, Biden at the time refused to apologize. In fact, when asked by reporters on the subject, Biden's reply at the time was "Apologize for what?"

It would seem that the Democrats are ensconced in a somewhat hostile environment in which the desire to defeat strong runs to the partied very core.  So much so that, in an effort to beat Trump and get him out of the oval office, anything that the current front-runner may say that is the least bit off will be magnified and taken to a whole new level. 

Biden has also been said to have taken responsibility for what went “wrong” with the crime bill in 1994—still a controversial nerve for him and has been since announcing his bid for the presidency.  This, however, is not the only time that Biden has seemed to waffle in his stance.  Due to pressure from the field of candidates in for the 2020 election, Biden has now also changed his longstanding position concerning the Hyde amendment.  The amendment is geared towards federal funding being blocked when it comes to that of abortions.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Is Biden genuinely sorry for his remarks? Or, is he knee-deep in damage control mode instead?