Biden Once Again Puts His Foot In His Mouth—Resulting In Him Going On The Defense

source: Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden, even though he does mean well, seems to keep digging himself into more holes each and every day.  At a Seattle fundraiser on Saturday, former vice president Biden, in a somewhat failed effort to illustrate the distance the United States has progressed when it comes to the subject of how the LGBT community is treated, missed the mark dismally.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, when addressing the gathered crown, claimed that just five years ago it would have been politically correct and accepted for a businessman to go so far as to make “fun of a gay waiter.” 

The event took place at the home of a public relations executive to also happened to be a gay rights activist.  The homeowner, Roger Nyhus, made sure to let it be known that it was surely not the case as Biden claimed—at least not in the city of Seattle.

Many of those in attendance, after Biden made his comment, yelled out, "Not in Seattle!"  They claimed that such homophobic based comments would not have been in any manner condoned in 2014.  However, the central message of Biden's comment, which was timed as the LGBT community and those who support them were celebrating Pride Weekend, was that of how much progress and far the United States has come in its treatment of the LGBT communities.

According to the Seattle Times, Biden also took the chance to remind those in attendance of the fact that when he was vice president, he was in support of same-sex marriage.  He claimed that, even though the then leadership was lagging behind on the issue, he informed the then officials at the White House that it was a subject the American public were actually in favor of.

This latest inserting of his foot into his mouth came after Biden, who is still trying desperately to work damage control on his image, was recently called out by his fellow presidential opponent Cory Booker on the subject of race relations.  When Biden made mention of a young black teen, who was shot in 2012, stating that he may have been the next poet laureate and not a gangbanger, Booker was not at all impressed with or how Biden chose to make his point.

Just this past Thursday, Biden found himself on the defense, as during the Democratic debate Senator Kamala Harris called to question his messaging, about how he spoke on his ability to work with the segregationists of the past.  He also had to defend his opposition of busing being federally mandated when it came to integrating public schools.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Is Biden having to take the defense this early in the game a bad indicator of what’s to come?