Biden signs high-level order to maintain US neutrality by 2050

The president intends to use the government's vast purchasing power to launch a clean energy market, electric vehicles and efficient buildings.


President Joe Biden aims to use the government's vast purchasing power to launch a clean energy market, electric vehicles and efficient buildings.

In his main directive, Biden on Wednesday, Biden set new goals for the government to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 65 percent by the end of this decade and to eliminate emissions by 2050.

This order sets the U.S. in line with global goals of achieving zero-zero carbon emissions by the middle of the century, which scientists say is needed to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Biden 's mandate also establishes a "Buy Clean" policy, directing the coalition government to use less expensive building materials. It urges the government to use 100 percent clean electricity by 2030.

"The high order will reduce emissions from all organizational activities, invest in American energy and clean energy industries, and create clean, healthy and resilient communities," the White House said.

Biden was visiting a transport center in Kansas City on Wednesday, the latest $ 1.2 billion bipartisan law enforcement initiative.

After visiting the transport depot, Biden outlined how passengers and people relying on buses, trains and boats would benefit from the $ 39 billion in new public transport development grants.

The order is a recent bid by Biden executives to accelerate the broader economic transformation from mineral oil and to growing the clean technology market.

As the country's largest employer, the federal government has an estimated $ 650 billion a year to buy goods and services, the White House said. That makes the government and its procurement systems an important factor for businesses and manufacturers looking for lucrative contracts as they decide which products to offer.

The White House hopes that as manufacturers increase the production of clean technology to meet future government needs, the cost of such products and services will decrease, making it easier to pay for families and businesses in the private sector.

The government intends to use tens of billions of bills from the bilateral infrastructure law and the Build Back Better Act, if passed, to replace its 600,000 cars and trucks with the entire electricity grid, and to improve the efficiency of its 300,000 buildings.

Biden's decree promises that light government-purchased cars will not be operational by 2027 and states that all vehicles should be up to standard by 2035.

In his remarks in Missouri, Biden pointed out how modern public transportation, including electric buses, was helping Kansas City meet its gas targets and would contribute to communities facing future climate change.