Biden starts long, annoying meeting with putin ! ! !

Biden said he plans to elevate the problems of cyberattacks, human rights abuses, ukraine and election interference with the russian chief.


President joe biden met with russian president vladimir putin here on wednesday for the first time on the grounds that taking office in an hourslong meeting that become anticipated to be contentious.

Putin, who arrived on the summit web page first, and biden shook arms and exchanged some short phrases while posing for a picture at the pink carpet out of doors the main entrance. As expected, neither gave feedback, and the 2 leaders did no longer reply to shouted questions from newshounds. Following the greeting, the 2 disappeared interior, double doorways remaining behind them.

They then posed for another picture in the assembly room earlier than they started out their dialogue. Biden and putin have been seated adjacent to each other in a library, a globe among them inside the historical past, with biden flanked by way of his secretary of country, antony blinken, and putin joined with the aid of his foreign minister. Every chief made brief comments, with putin appearing sullen and frequently searching down.

"there are many problems in russian-american relations which have accumulated and want to be discussed at the best degree," putin stated. "and i wish that our meeting could be productive."

Biden, sitting move-legged and smiling numerous instances at newshounds, informed putin that he believes it's miles exceptional when leaders can meet head to head. They then sat silently for numerous moments at the same time as photographers jockeyed for a shot and newshounds shouted questions that went unanswered.

The summit became scheduled to final four to five hours and may be damaged into sections: a meeting offering biden, blinken, putin and russia’s foreign minister best, followed through a larger group session with additional members. After the conferences, putin turned into to hold a solo news conference followed by means of one from biden.

Security round villa l. A. Grange, the picturesque mansion and lakeside park where the summit is taking vicinity, has been extraordinarily tight. The park is blocked off via thick rolls of barbed-twine fencing with swiss police patrolling the grounds. A massive section of the city has been closed off with police boats dotting the crisp waters of lake geneva, in a metropolis recognized for its neutrality and international cooperation.

President biden in geneva as he prepares for pivotal meeting with vladimir putin

Geneva is no stranger to excessive-profile diplomatic meetings. Former president ronald reagan met here in 1985 for the first time with then head of the soviet union mikhail gorbachev in what changed into visible as the start of the thaw among the 2 international locations. However aside from the location, there are expected to be few parallels among the assembly 36 years in the past among the russian and american leaders and the only taking area right here wednesday.

There are various thorny troubles biden has stated he plans to raise, together with cyberattacks, human rights abuses, aggression towards ukraine and election interference.

Each the russian ambassador to the u.S. And the u.S. Ambassador to russia could be in geneva, and one of the gadgets on the negotiating desk could be their return to their foreign places posts, stated a person familiar with the planning. After biden installed location a new spherical of sanctions on russia, the u.S. Ambassador changed into pressured to return to washington, and the russian ambassador became recalled in moscow.

The logistics of the assembly provide biden several benefits. Due to the fact putin, who is notoriously late, arrived first, biden prevented the advent of being left ready. Having his secretary of country and longtime overseas coverage adviser inside the meeting with him will ensure there may be someone who can attention on recording what takes place and also can be available should there be extra technical detail protected, stated michael mcfaul, the u.S. Ambassador to russia beneath the obama administration.

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Not having a aspect-by using-aspect information conference may even assist biden avoid the arrival of friendliness with putin — an error that sparked full-size domestic complaint for former presidents george w. Bush and donald trump following their own first meetings with putin.

The white residence isn’t awaiting to announce any agreements to be reached out of the summit, but there will be an settlement through the two presidents to initiate talks round areas like nuclear security, administration officers have said.