Biden to assess the damage caused by the unusual Colorado wildfire

The Marshall Fire swept through neighboring areas just before New Year's Eve, destroying nearly 1,000 homes and other buildings


President Joe Biden will travel to Colorado on Friday to assess the damage caused by the veld fire in late December, which destroyed nearly a thousand homes and other buildings in northwestern Denver.

Biden is scheduled to visit a neighbor in Louisville before meeting with families affected by the Marshall Fire at a nearby community center, where he is expected to make brief remarks about his superiors' response to the veld fire. He will be joined by first wife Jill Biden.

The Marshall Fire closed Boulder County in late December, passing through towns including Superior and Louisville, both about 20 miles outside of Denver. Wildfires occur extraordinarily towards the end of the year following an unusually dry and warm autumn. It resulted in the eviction of tens of thousands of residents.

Biden declared the fire a major disaster last week, opening up the organization's support and assistance to those affected.

Most people were able to escape the fire. About 35,000 people have been evicted from their homes, two of whom are still unaccounted for. The missing persons are believed to have died.

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday that investigators found part of the human tissue in the area where they suspected the fire might have started. The source of the fire is still unknown, but Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said Cruz said in a Fox News interview it was 'a mistake' for him to call Jan. 6 'terrorist attacks'

The blaze erupted in December, the hottest ever recorded in Denver and during a "record drought" in the region, government officials said.

Wildfires in Colorado often occur in mountainous and rural areas. The Marshall Fire, however, was different in that it erupted in the suburbs of the drought-stricken city between Denver and Boulder, provincial provinces that were not considered to be in danger of burning.

Experts say that climate change helped to fuel an unusual veld fire. The soil, usually moist because of the snow at this time of year, was dry and hot, due to the warm temperatures and lack of rainfall in recent months.

After his visit to Colorado, Biden is expected to travel to Las Vegas for the funeral of former Senandi Harry Reid on Saturday.